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Wednesday night out for dinner

Well Wednesday night and I was going out so I thought I would go downtown for dinner with the group at Fox & Hound. I was not sure how many would be out as there was really no one posting but I did know Diane would be out as she had sent me a message she was in town and it is always so much fun when she is out. I also wanted to get out as I have not had much of a chance to dress the last few weeks.

I was all I spent about an 1 ½ hours getting ready as this is something I enjoy and find relaxing so always nice when I don’t have to rush. I was ready to leave by 6:30 which gave me lots of time to get downtown Portland by 7. Fox & Hound was a little busier than normal on a Wednesday night but then again I don’t go there that mush during the week. Julie was there so I joined her while we waited to see if others would show up. It also gave us a chance to talk and get to know each other better. She also lives in SW Washington, so it seems we have several of us in the group from Washington.

It really wasn’t long and Diane showed up. The three of us sat and talked, Diane told us about her trip to SCC (Southern Comfort Conference) in Atlanta. This is the biggest transgender convention anyplace. She also showed us some of her pictures; she had a really good time. We ordered dinner and had a nice time talking. It really was nice to be out with friends for dinner.

About 9 we decided to head over to Boiler Room for a while which is just around the corner. The Boiler Room is a really nice place and we are always treated well there. They were not very busy but it was still early as they don’t even open till 9. A young lady came over and talked to me for a bit, she wanted to know if we were going to sing Karaoke and I assured her she really didn’t want to hear me sing. We talked for a bit and then she sang and she was really good.

Julie and Diane played a game of pool and I was going to play the winner which Diane did. Diane got off to a fast lead but I did make a good comeback but in the end Diane won. It was a fun night and as usual when I go out with my friends I stayed out way too late. It is so hard to leave when you are having fun but as I get up really early for work during the week I try to be in bed by 10, turns out I didn’t leave the Boiler Room till a little after 10 and as it is a ½ drive home made for a really short night. It really was a fun night and great to spend see Julie and Diane.

Well I plan on going out this Friday night with the group and we should have a good turnout. We should be at Sweethome Bar & Grill. It is a little smaller place but always sun and they also do Karaoke.

Also Diva Las Vegas announced their dates for 2013; it will be Sunday April 14 thru Friday April 19 2013. I am already making plans as these are great dates for me. This is an awesome vacation so if you are interested check out their web page at

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