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Friday meeting with our attorney and then a night out with friends.

Well another Friday and time to spend time with friends. Now today was a busy day as our attorney was going to meet with us at 3 pm at Fox & Hound along with some of the people who wanted to protest the P-Club and maybe some people from the media. Now for me this was hard as I had to work today and didn’t get home from work till a little after 1:30 and Susan takes just a bit longer to get read. But as I planned for this I was ready and walking out the door at 2:30. I parked my car and walked into Fox & hound right at 3 pm and there was already a group there. Cassandra, Victoria, Beth our attorney, Chris, Amy, Cristine, Erin Rook a reporter from PQ monthly and Veronica. Just a few minutes behind me were Jan & Lynn and also Tim & Mer (they were the ones who planned the facebook protest against the P-Club).

Beth updated us on what was going on and how she wanted things to proceed and as our attorney we need to follow her. She brought up her concerns about the protest they had planned and thanked them for canceling it till we could talk. Right now we really don’t feel a protest is a good idea till we see where our complaint with the State goes. It was nice to meet these people who are supportive of us and answer their questions. It was about 5:30 when we were all done with the meeting and they left and it was just our group again. We talked a while amongst ourselves about the complaint and what was going on, this was the first chance for Amy, Veronica, Jan & Lynn to talk with the attorney the one thing we are all sure of is what we are doing is right. As we told the others that were there what we are looking for in this complaint is to make it clear you can’t discriminate on gender expression. We should be able to go in any public place and be treated no different by the owner than anyone else. If we can get enough news coverage to get this message out then we have won.

Well we all had dinner and then at 7 we walked over to the Boiler Room as that is when they open. Amanda the bar tender was happy to see us as it has been several weeks since we were there last as we have been trying other places on Friday nights. We talked with Amanda for awhile, she is really nice. Well we went over and got table and started to play pool. The Boiler room is really a nice place and they are not that busy till 9 when they start Karaoke so it gave us a nice chance to talk some more. We talked about where we wanted to go next Friday night and as I will not be out, actually after this weekend will be a couple weeks probably before I get out as Susan again. Any way I think they are thinking about 52 street sports bar next Friday. In a way I think it is good not to go to the same place every Friday. Now the Boiler Room is a nice place as it is a younger crowd and I think there are more females there then males and the girls also tend to wear more dresses which is nice. Some places we go our group may be the only females on dresses and skirts which makes us stand out a little more.

Well about 9 they started to get busy as they got Karaoke going. Some of the people who sing are really good and others well let’s just say they got up and sang which makes them winners as I don’t have the guts to do that even though I think it would be fun. Chris sang a few times and did an awesome job. Of course as you get more people inside it gets hotter and then you got to worry about your makeup as sweat is never a good thing for a crossdresser. We tend to need to use a little more makeup to help our look and if it starts to run well just not a good look. Luckily it never got really hot inside.

There were lots of really pretty girls there and the funny thing is being a crossdresser you are torn between how pretty they are and how cute their dress or heels are or how they did their makeup. We try to take it all in and wonder how we would look in their dress or could we do our makeup the way they did and of course how they would feel about us and would they ever date us? We were having a great time when a girl came over and started talking to us, her name was Michelle and she was there celebrating her 24th birthday with her friends. Seems her boyfriend broke up with her the day before which sucks. She was really nice and also tall which I like for two reasons. First tall girls I think are hot and also they make me not look as tall when I am out as Susan. she was 5″10″ and had on these really hot high heels and since I wore my lower heels I was just a little taller so yes you guessed it I had to get a picture with her. She was really cute and had an awesome smile, wow if I was 10 years younger, oh and she was 10 years older, well I can dream. Well Cassandra, Michelle, Jan and I got our picture taken. Jan is hard to see in the picture but I looked better in this picture so I chose this one. I will also put the other picture in further down so Jan is more visible. We talked with her for about 10 minutes. She is one of the girls I was talking about, very beautiful but also had this really awesome dress and heels.

Well I did play I think 3 games of pool and did win one. The one thing that is hard to get use to is standing in line for the bathroom which is something guys do not have to worry about. Anyway the only reason I brought this up is I went to use it and there was one girl standing in line in front of me and we started chatting which again is something guys miss out on. Any way we talked for a few minutes waiting, she even knocked on the door to make sure someone was in there as it was taking a while. By this time there were about 7 other girls behind me and we all stood there talking and having a nice time. Well it had now been about 10 minutes and we were still waiting when one of the bar staff came up and said she had to check the bathroom real quick to make sure it was clean and opened the door only to find there was no one in there. So here we were all standing there for over 10 minutes waiting and the bathroom had been empty all the time. There girl who was first in line just looked at the rest of us and said, Oh well I am blonde’ and went in and we all broke up laughing.

Later on two girls and a guy came over and started talking to us. They were really nice and just wanted to meet us. I can’t remember their names but they introduced themselves. Wilma was the closest and got to talk with them the most. I was at the other end of the table and with the music had a hard time hearing them. Yes forgot to ad that Wilma, Robyn, Bob and Penelope also showed up. It was great to see them especially Wilma and Penelope as they don’t get out as much. Any way the two girls had on really cute dresses. The one thing I have noticed is here at the Boiler Room the girls always dress really nice and the guys are all pretty casual which I think tends to be the case most places as females tend to care more about how they look.

Any way I did get a chance to talk with Wilma a little but not as much as I would have liked. I am hopping she is going to Harvey’s Saturday night so we can talk more. It was a fun night and I think we left about 1:30 which was a long bight out for Susan. We walked over by CC’s as we saw Bo one of the drag queens we know out front and wanted to say hi. She was talking to a guy in a wheel chair. Now he was gay and I know this because that is how he introduced himself. He was really taken by Bo and interested in drag and Bo offered to dress him up in drag if he wanted which he did so they were exchanging information. Any way he asked my name and Jan’s name so we introduced ourselves to him. Now I don’t think he has ever met a crossdresser before because when he introduced me to his brother he made sure to mention that his brother was straight. Of course I without missing a beat just smiled and said that was nice because so was I which I think caught them both off guard. He looked at me and said he had to introduce me to someone else and would be right back. He brought his sister over and introduced her to me by saying, “this is Susan and she is straight”. Up to this point she really didn’t seem to impressed with us or the drag queens but she kind of cocked her head and looked at me smiled and said “Really” and then told me how pretty I looked. We chatted for a few minutes and I could tell they were trying to figure out why a straight guy would dress this way. I just smiled and told them I just enjoy it and dress this way a couple times a week and they seemed to accept this.

Well we left as it was now really late. Saturday night is our monthly night we go to Harvey’s Comedy club so I am really looking forward to that as it is always so much fun. I think we have about 14 of us going and we will meet at the Boiler Room between 7 & 8:30 before walking over to Harvey’s for the 10 pm show. Of course that will ve another blog.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Wow just noticed I was a little long winded here.

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