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Good group of friends Friday night

Well it is Friday night and time to spend with my friends. I so look forward to this time all week as Friends are so important and I am blessed with so many. Well when I got home tonight I knew it was going to be a challenge getting out. you see the county was redoing my street and I thought they would just slap some tar and gravel down and be done with it but no they actually did a great job by putting down some kind of overcoat that really looks great and will last a lot longer which I am happy with but this was a bad day for it as they closed off the whole street and posted they would not open till 6 pm which meant when I got home I had to park on the next block and walk past 11 of my neighbors houses to get to mine and I can assure you as comfortable as I am as Susan I am not walking that far to get back to my car as Susan.

Well I gambled they would open the street as they said and went ahead and took my shower and got as ready as I could. It was just a couple minutes after 6 when they did open the street so I went and got my car and drove home to my garage but by this time it was already 6:15 and I still had to do all my makeup, get dressed and nails and wig so again a rush to get ready. it was just a little after 7 when I was ready to go and of course my neighbors across the street were out working in there yard plus I did not know if any of my other neighbors down the street were out maybe getting their cars. Well I got in my car and opened the garage door and watched my neighbors till they turned their backs towards my house and thought this was my chance and out I went. I never looked towards them just focused on where I was going so not sure if they turned around and saw me leave. If they did I am sure they will have questions as it was very bright sunny day and I had on my blonde wig and of course red lipstick which would stand out. It will be interesting the next time I run into them.

The group was meeting at Sweethome the same place we went last week, next week we are going to try a different place. I got there and there was no parking so I was two blocks away which made for a little walk. Inside I was surprised by how many of our group was already there being only 7:30. Cassandra, Chris, Amy and her friend, Cristine, Bobbie, Michele (in boy mode), Victoria and Diane and shortly after I got there Elizabeth and one of her friends from school showed up which was good for as early as it was.

It was awesome to see Diane again as she only get to Portland about once a month. We sat together and talked for about 30 minutes which was awesome as I got to know a lot more about her. She really is a wonderful person and a good friend even though there are still things we don’t know about each other. It would seem strange to most people I guess to think you could have a really good friend and still know so little about them but to me and most crossdressers it is normal as we all know we have secrets and don’t share all about our lives. As we get closer we share more. There are members of the group I really know nothing about other then what they present when they are out and to me that is more than enough. It is the person that counts and not knowing every little detail and secret in their life. I guess my outlook is a little different than most but think what a wonderful world this would be if people just accepted others for who they are.

Well we all ordered dinner and had a wonderful time talking. Rachel, Danielle and Lorraine the GG’s we met at the P-Club were there. They have been so supportive about what happened and are the reason we have come to this new bar. Several of us played pool and although I didn’t do as well this week, won 1 and lost 1 which I guess is 500% but had a fun time. They had a good size crowd again last night, and of course they did Karaoke again but they didn’t get it set up till after 10.

They have some really talented people who sing there and of course some not so much but at least they try. Chris did get up and sing a couple times though and did an awesome job. It was a fun night and as usual went way to fast. It is always sad to see the evening come to an end but there is always next Friday night to look forward to. We are planning at this point to try another place not sure where but as long as I am out with my friends it will be fun.

Thanks for reading

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