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Relaxing night at Starbucks

Wow this summer is going by so fast and I have not been able to get out much to Starbuck’s so tonight I had the chance and took advantage of it. it is a beautiful hot sunny day here in the upper 80’s and the next several days will be in the upper 90’s and possibly break the 100 mark which is just way too hot for this girl as my makeup melts off my face. I left and to my luck no neighbors were home so easy getting out but as I was about 2 blocks from my house I noticed I forgot my bracelets and ring and was thinking of going back when I saw my neighbor headed home so I just kept going. Funny how strange I feel without my jewelry even though as a guy I hate things on my wrist or fingers.

I got to Starbucks and they were a little busy which for a hot day surprised me but still a couple tables open so I am okay. I normally get a hot chocolate when I come here but as it is so hot out plus it is loaded with calories and this girl is really making an effort to eat better and watch my calorie intake I tried their new refresher. I got the coco lime refresher which is only 50 calories and no fat compared to the 370 calories and 16 grams of fat in the hot chocolate I think it is a good choice and it is pretty good.

I just got my Avon order the other day, yes Avon brought back my favorite item, Beyond color plumping lip conditioner. I love this product as it is way better than anything I have found to keep my lips soft and not chapped. I don’t think it really plumps your lips at least I haven’t noticed it but really good at conditioning your lips. It is clear and really looks no different than chap stick accept it stays on way better. So even men can wear it and no one will know. If you have not tried it you really should. The other cool thing is you can place your order online and they will even ship directly to you and a lot of the time the shipping is free depending on how much you order. Plus I have a really awesome Avon lady. Yes I am going to give her a plug, if you don’t have an Avon representative check her page out.

Well as you all know from my earlier blog several of us here filed a complaint about being asked not to come back to the P-Club by the owner and it hit the news here in Portland big last Wednesday and Thursday. It was on all the news channels and they even interviewed 3 of the girls. KPTV and KATU put the interviews online and of course that means lots of exposure in the area. I was reading through some of the comments and a lot of them really have nothing to do with the facts or what are going on, it is just people making rude comments and it includes a couple former members of the group that left or were kicked out for causing problems in the group and now they have a way to attack members of the group which really is sad. To think that they are still so preoccupied with our group that they spend so much time and effort to attack us makes me wonder what kind of life they have.

There are also lots of coverage in the news papers and of course on blogs. I was contacted by Erin Rook, a reporter from PQ monthly and she asked me a bunch of questions. She even used some of it in her article on their web page, wish I hadn’t given her my age though as she put that in. makes one feel older when you see it in print. Still an interesting experience and I am sure it will not be my last.

The funny thing is ever since the interviews he has not said anything to the reporters other than his attorney told him not to say anything. It really is a learning experience as I have never been involved in something like this. It will be interesting to see how this proceeds and what happened. Earlier I was talking about the rude comments and I should clarify there have been some really good and supportive ones also which is really nice. We even had one bar that the owner personally invited us to go there called Sweet home Bar and Grill. We went there last week and I think we will be back there again this week. It is a lot smaller so might be hard if we had a lot of girls turnout but as still summer our numbers are down as some of the girls like to wait till it is dark before going out and I can relate to that as it wasn’t many years back I would never leave my house till after dark. Any way it really made me feel good to be invited to come to this place.

Well I need to get a little work done before Starbuck’s closes so I will end here. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Susan,
    It was nice to see how you were approached by people who safeguard everyone’s rights. Good too that care seemed to be taken over your members privacy, and I hope that continues now that the press and media have taken an interest too. I don’t have much faith in reporters, especially after our phone hacking scandal.

    Wishing you and your friend a safe passage through these times. Thanks for your wonderful blog too.

    Hugs Anna x

    Comment by Anna Arendt | August 15, 2012 | Reply

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