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Spending time with friends

Well it has been another long busy week for my male self so I was really ready for the weekend and a fun Friday night out with friends. We were planning on meeting at the Boiler room at 7 but it was a long day for me and I didn’t even get home till after 5 so I had to hurry and get ready. I was all ready, makeup done and just had to decide on what to wear. It is a hot day and I knew it would be hot in the Boiler Room so I decided on my little black dress. I don’t wear it that often but really like it.

I arrived about 7:15 fashionably late but still not bad considering when I got home from work. There were already lots of people out downtown as normal on warm summer days and I had to park about a block away which still is not bad plus I enjoyed the walk. Inside the Boiler room there were only a couple people, Amanda the bar tender greeted me by name which always makes you feel welcome. Chris was the only one there from our group so far so I guess I was not that late.

Chris and I talked a bit then we played a game of pool. Veronica was the next to show up, she is still in town till tomorrow so it was nice to see her out. To my surprise I won the game of pool against Chris so next I played Veronica. Again I won so that was 2 in a row and I was off to a good start. Victoria was here now so she was next up to play pool. I was on a roll and won twice against her to make 4 in a row. I could tell this was going to be a good night.

By now Cassandra, Cristine and Bobbie were all here and we once again had a good group out. Now after winning 4 games in a row it was time to play Bobbie. Yes again I won, this was my night at pool. Next up was Cristine and I was feeling pretty good. I was down to the 8 ball and as Cristine’s ball was blocking the one corner my only shot was to bank it off the rail and pull it back the whole length of the table to the opposite corner and I almost made it but it hit the edge and stopped right in front of the pocket, so close. Of course now with Cristine’s last ball right in front of one corner and the 8 in front of the other I had left her set up perfectly and of course she made both shots and won ending my streak but it was a good game.

Roxy also made it out tonight which was awesome as she is done with her schooling (Beauty school) and now should be able to get out more at least till she finds a job. Buffy and her girlfriend Scarlet also made it out. Buffy was out Wednesday night but it has been a while since I have seen Scarlet out. We had a smaller group tonight about 10 to 12 but still pretty good when you think back a couple years when we were thrilled to have 6 or more out at once.

At 9 they started to do Karaoke and Chris, Buffy and Scarlet all signed up to sing. I give them a lot of credit to be able to get up in front of people and sing. As much fun as that would be I just don’t have the courage. Funny just like dancing I worry what people would think of my singing or dancing ability and what would they think and yet I am totally fine with dressing as Susan and going out and never worry what others think about that. Funny what we worry about.

It was probably about 10 when they really started to get busy, guess people just waited till it started to cool off before going out. some of the people who sang were really good and others not so much well maybe a few were really bad but they still were willing to do it so no matter how bad they were at least they gave it a try.

There was also a group of girls there, it was ones Bachelorette party. Her name was Betsy, yes they were all wearing shirts that said Betsy so not hard to figure out but Roxy and I talked with them for a while. She is getting married this week and they were all out for a fun night. There was maybe 12 in there group and we had a nice chat.

Now one of the fun things about being downtown is that the girls at these clubs all seem to dress up. Most wear dresses or skirts and heels which is different from the P-club. The girls all look so beautiful and it is funny as we tend to notice their outfits first and how they would look on us before we notice how cute they are. This is the big drawback of being out as Susan, it is kind of hard to go up and hit on a girl while one is dressed as a female. I think this is the biggest dilemma for a heterosexual crossdresser. If we find a lady we like then we have to find a way to explain our crossdressing and hope they will understand and possibly support it. If we meet them when we are female then there is still our other half, male side that we need to explain to them. Either way when we meet them they really are only meeting half of us as we really do have 2 sides to us which puts us at a little bit of a disadvantage. The other thing is as my male self I am pretty shy, strange when I think about it as I go out as Susan and believe it or not Susan is way more outgoing but she has been working on it more too. The thing is as Susan I try to take on the whole female roll which also means I tend or want others to come up to me which when you are talking about other females who are also wanting someone else to make the first move I find myself at a standoff, just some of my thoughts.

We had another awesome night out as always and I can think of no better way to end a long week then with good friends having fun. The next two weeks my male self will be really busy but hop to get out on Friday nights. Any way I will always post when ever Susan is able to get out as it really is my way of keeping a diary of my life out as Susan.

Thanks for reading.


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