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Quiet Friday night.

Well it is Friday night and I am so looking forward to going out even though I am not sure anyone else will be out. Cassandra had posted she would not be out and no one else had posted they would be out. I posted to the group that I was planning on going to Fox & Hound and then went up and took my shower to start getting ready. After my shower I checked my e-mail and Victoria had posted back she would meet me at Fox & Hound at 7:30 so I knew I would at least have one other person there.

It was a beautiful warm day and luckily none of my neighbors were outside so I was on my way. I got down town about 7:15 and my lucky streak is still intact as I found a parking spot right in front of Boiler Room just around the corner from Fox & Hound. The walk to Fox & Hound was nice with the warm sunshine, summer is so wonderful. I went into Fox & Hound and they were really busy, the bar was full and only a couple tables. One of the bar tenders, I can’t remember his name greeted me by name which is always nice. I went ahead and sat at a table and started looking at the menu. It is funny as a few years ago I would have at least waited till I saw someone or waited till after the time we were meeting to make sure others were there but I felt totally comfortable by myself waiting. In fact I only had to wait about 10 minutes till Victoria showed up.

We chatted for a while and then we ordered dinner. Now the funny thing is Fox & Hound tends to be mostly a gay club so Victoria and I were the only ladies there in amongst about 40 men and not one problem. For the most part they didn’t even give us a second thought with the exception of 2 which kept looking at us but it was more of how a man would look at a pretty girl. Victoria and I talked all through dinner and had a wonderful time. I got to know a lot more about her and I am sure she learned more about me. We talked about so many things including what we as a group should do as far as getting the girls to come out more. I know I so enjoy the Friday nights out as it is the easiest night for me to stay out late as Saturday morning I can sleep in.

We finished dinner and paid our bills and were trying to decide what to do next when Stefia and Jenn came in and joined us. It was great to see them both again. They had gone out to dinner and stopped by to see if any of the group was there. They ordered drinks and the four of us just sat there and talked more. A lot of what we talked about was where we could go and if we should find one place to go every week which has advantages as everyone would always know where the group would be and be comfortable there. There is also the thought5 of mixing it up and going different places which really would be fun but then the members of the group would really have to check the group to make sure they knew where we were. We really do have an opportunity here to change things up a little. Now I have so many wonderful memories from the P-Club and still a little upset about being asked not to come there anymore but as I am always the glass half full type of girl maybe this will give us a chance to broaden our horizon and go more places.

We talked about different places we could try like Mcmenamins, they have several places that awe could go like Kennedy school which has several bars and being so big our group would not be the dominate group there. There is also Blackwell’s grub & grill steak which Scotty from Fox & Hound recommended. We talked about maybe picking 2 places and maybe on the first and third Friday go to them so we have a regular schedule for them and then on the other Fridays mix it up with different places. This would be good as we would only be at them once a month and hopefully not be seen as dominating the place. Now there are issues with mixing it up on the other Fridays as it will take a lot of work to find places and coordinate it, making sure everyone knows where and when we will be there. This should not fall on just one person in the group though. We need to find a way to get all the members active not only in going out but also finding places to go and helping set up the outings, this is what will take our group to the next level. Now even I need to step up and help more, I have got some of the girls out to a couple dinners but for the most part I have let others, mainly Cassandra schedule everything because she is so good at it but the problem with one person always having to do things is they tend to get burnt out and you run the risk of them feeling they are unappreciated so I just want to thank Cassandra and the other girls that have stepped up and planed events. You have done so much for our group and is one of the reasons our group has grown so much.

Well we had a good night but Stefia has to fly out early in the morning so her and Jenn needed to leave. It was only 10 when we called it a night. Victoria and I talked briefly before going our separate ways. Now I had parked right in front of the Boiler Room so I kind of looked inside and by this time they were packed so I got in my car. Now thinking back to what I was talking about other members in the group helping I figured now was a good time to start so I drove out Sandy Boulevard and found Blackwell’s, it is just off Sandy at 41st. Now it does not look really big but till going inside there was no way to tell. They have a little street parking and there is a parking lot right next door but you have to pay to park there. The biggest issue from the outside is there is not a lot of street lights so it is a little dark outside which could be a little bit of a safety issue and may make some girls a little uneasy about this place.

Well looking from the outside really doesn’t tell you a lot so I went inside to take a look around. Inside there were only 8 people so not a big crowd for 10:15 on a Friday night? It really has the look of a neighbor hood bar and is a lot smaller then the P-Club. I would say it is the same size as Fox & hound but the bar is in the center so it looks smaller. I sat down at the bar and ordered a sprite. Just down the bar was Scotty the bar tender from Fox & hound who told us about this place. He said hi and introduced me to his friend and the bar tender. The bar tender was really nice and told me the owner was very accepting and was happy to have everyone and anyone there so we would be welcome which was nice. I walked around to check things out. They do have a pool table in a little side room. It would be a nice place to hang out and play pool and maybe listen to some music but not mi.uch else to do there.

I went back and sat at the bar and chatted with the bar tender a little more and a couple of the other people there talked to me, one girl named Robin came over and introduced herself which was nice. In all I stayed there about an hour and a few more people came in I think when I left they had about 14 people there so I am sure they would love our group to come in. Now I had found a parking spot right in front of the door so I was in my car to leave when Robin the girl I met inside came over to my car and asked if I was leaving and if I couldn’t stay a little longer. This made me feel welcome there. On my way home I was thinking how far I have come as Susan as a few years back I would never have gone into a bar as Susan by myself especially one I have never been in before.

Tonight is our monthly social at Cassandra & Peggy’s house. Really looking forward to it and of course will blog about it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading a have a great weekend.


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  1. What a wonderful evening Susan! I wish I had been there to share it with you!

    Comment by Karen Elizabeth | July 7, 2012 | Reply

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