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Spending time with friends at the P-Club

Well it was another long week for my male self so I was really looking forward to Friday night out with my friends. I was all ready by 6:45 and on my way to the P-Club. I got there a little after 7 and there was no parking on the street in front or in the parking lot so I had to park around the corner about a half block up, this is only the second time in the two years we have been coming here I have had to park so far away. I got inside and the club was packed.

Cassandra & Chris were already there so I joined them, they told me that there was a retirement party for a local teacher going on and that is why they were so busy, but it was good to see a big crowd there. Nicole brought me a drink and I ordered some food as I was hungry. Now we sat around and talked while we waited for more t-girls to show up. It wasn’t long and more of our group started showing up.

It was now time for shuffle board. Cassandra and Lana played Kelly and me in a game. Kelly and I got off to a fast lead and never looked back. The next game Kelly and Lana played Dalia and me, this game was a lot closer but Dalia and I won. Lana did have one turn where she had a 5 that hung over the end and a 3 that hung over the end giving them a lot of points till Dalia with her last two shots knocked both off and we ended up getting the points. The last game was just Lana and me; she wanted a little more practice. It was fun to play one on one and I gave her some tips. The game was close but I did win.

By now we had about 15 to 20 girls there, Petra showed up with a couple new girls, First was Pepper, she was in town from Chicago and it was only her second time out. She went to Victoria Sinclair to get a makeover. Victoria runs Over the Rainbow Transformations and does makeovers for men who want to look pretty. I had a good time talking to Pepper and getting to know her.

The other girl was Dona; I think she went out maybe on a Wednesday as she knew a few of the girls. We had a chance to talk and Cassandra and I were telling her how we do our nails. If you don’t know already I love long nails and don’t feel complete without them. Anyway Cassandra had a spare full set in her purse so she quickly did Dona’s nails and showed her how easy it is to do them. I have blogged about how I do the nails before so if you are interested just read my blog great idea for fast beautiful nails. Even Lana was interested so you know you are doing something right when a GG likes your tips, yes I forgot to mention Lana is a GG.

It was a really fun night as always and a great way to start a weekend. We stayed till closing so it was after 2 am when we left.

Any way thanks for reading and have a great weekend. Happy Fathers Day to any Fathers out there.

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