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Starting the weekend with friends

Well it has been another long and busy week for this girl and she was so looking forward to a fun night out with friends. I started getting ready a little early in hopes of being out the door by 6:30 but it took a little longer with my makeup and was almost 7 when I was ready. It is funny as I am so a wear of why it takes woman longer to get ready. As a man it is really easy, shower shave dress and out the door but not for woman. Doing makeup is really an art form just like painting you just can’t slap it on it takes time.

Any way I was doing my makeup tonight and just had so many issues with it and the funny thing is I doubt if anyone would have noticed but me when I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready. First was the eyeliner I had a hard time getting both eyes the same, left eye always harder as I am right handed. So this took several tries. Next was my lips, I love red lipstick always have but I also know not many women wear it and it really does stand out so the only time I wear it is when I go to a club like Friday nights. The problem with red lipstick is it really shows and any slight mistake is like a neon sign. Well I put lip liner on and on the right side got just a little higher which again looking in the mirror really stood out so more lip liner to even them out. Well needless to say I was finally satisfied and started getting dressed. I had chose to different dresses to wear and was looking at them on my bed and both are really cute on me I decided on a different dress so back to the closet. Well I was finally all ready and took that one last look in the mirror and you know with the eye shadow and wig no one would have noticed the issues I had with the eye liner and probably not the lip stick either. Well I was happy plus I really enjoy doing my makeup so it was all good.

I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and was the first one there; I knew Cassandra would be late so this wasn’t a surprise. I got our usual table and I had no more than sat down when a woman came over to talk to me. She was curious to know how tall I was which I know is my biggest flaw as a girl as I am 6′ which I told her. Any way she introduced herself, her name was Fatima and she told me I looked beautiful which every girl loves to hear. Seems she had been in a few weeks back and saw our group and thought it was great. She even offered to buy me a drink, now I have had a few men in the past offer to buy me drinks which I always politely turn down as I am not interested in men and it is strange for me to have a man pay that kind of attention to me after all I am a man who just likes to dress and act like a woman. Well I accepted her drink offer so she asked what I wanted. Now I am not a drinker, just never cared for the taste so I asked for a sprite which is what I always drink this is cool as the group always knows there is a designated driver available. Actually we have a couple girls who don’t drink. Funny as when I first went out I was more nervous about the fact I was in a club or bar and not drinking then being dressed as Susan. Well she brought me my drink and we talked a little more before she went back to her friends.

By now it was 7:45 and some of the girls started to show up, Victoria, Cassandra and Robin. Robin came with Cassandra and she was so excited. She has just moved here from I think Hawaii and found our group. Being out with a bunch of girls makes it way easier, I think she had a smile on her face the whole night long which got me thinking about when I first started going out and the excitement I felt. It was all so new and exciting and now several years down the line the excitement has been replaced with comfort in who I am. Starting out we all wonder what our dressing means, are we gave, transsexual or just strange and society tries to tell us how we should conform and who we should be, if you crossdress you are not normal. This is not true we are all normal and just doing what we feel is right for us. Meeting all my wonderful friends and seeing I am not alone and hearing al their different stories make all the difference. I am just your typical straight male who likes all the same things other males like, sports, fishing, hiking and woman with one extra thing, I like to look pretty and act like a woman part time and I am totally okay with who I am. Self acceptance which is the key to a long, happy and healthy life.

Well more girls showed up including Jenn, Jan and Lynn and we had a good turnout again, maybe 2o of us. Well it was time for shuffle board so Jenn and I played Cassandra and Jan in a game. Cassandra and Jan got of to an early and big lead but Jenn and I worked hard to make a comeback. We scored 13 points in a row to almost tie it up but Jan scored 6 on her last throw which gave them the win, yes Cassandra has won two games now, one each week.

Now it was time for some conversation which Susan loves, funny as my male self sitting around and talking is not high on my list of things to do but Susan enjoys it, just one of the differences between my two sides. It is funny the things we learn about each other. I know where most of the girls live, what they do for a living and where they work; all about their families and they know the same about me. The one thing most of us don’t know is what our male names are. I guess a couple of the girls know my male name and I do know a couple of theirs but really our feminine sides is really who we are to each other and I am fine with that.

Well it was getting late and girls were starting to leave and Kim showed up. She got here really late but as they say better late than never. She is really nice and totally accepts us which is always great. Kim, Victoria, Robin and I sat at a table and talked and yes Robin still had a great big smile on her face even after being out for 5 hours with us. It was nice to catch up with Kim and find out what was new in her life. It is funny as when we are sitting there just talking and for the most part when we are just out I am not really a wear of the fact I am dressed as a woman. I am just out being myself and really never think about it unless someone brings it up. Susan is just as much a part of me as my male self and I think both make me who I am. Without both sides I would not be the person I am. Even with the differences between the two sides, both parts of me shape who I am be it Susan or ****. I think once I figured that out was when I became a complete person.

Saturday night the group is going to Harvey’s but I am going to a BBQ at Rachel’s. I hope the weather is nice as I have a cute top I want to wear but also have another choice that is almost as cute but a little warmer which I think will be the one I wear. The BBQ is not a t-girl event. Rachel is a friend who accepts me and invited me over as a friend for her BBQ. I think there will be one other t-girl there, actually I should know about 3 people there but it will give me a chance to work on my mingling skills.

Any way thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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