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Out at Starbucks again

Well it has been another busy week for my male self but I found time for a relaxing evening at Starbuck’s. Stefia one of my friends e-mailed me to see if I was going as she was going to be out and wanted to meet up with me so that really motivated me to get out tonight. Plus with the forecast of rain I knew it would be easier to get out because my neighbor kids would not be outside. Well it turned out the weather was nicer then they forecast and of course all 5 neighbor kids were out front playing while I got ready. Well by the time I was ready to leave I could not see them but always a chance they were just down the street. Well I had to take the chance and pulled out and did not see them so I was on my way.

I got to Starbuck’s about 6:45 and they were really busy, just one table right up front by the door. I got my drink and the girl at the counter commented on my nail polish. It is the Pompeii Purple from OPI which is just a really nice color. Well I sat down and it wasn’t long before Stefia showed up. It was nice to chat with her, we talked a lot about the Vanity Club, she was the one who nominated me. We had a good time and she stayed till about 8 before she had to leave. Hopefully we can get together again maybe for dinner. Stefia and Jenn want to try Sweet Basil in Portland for dinner. I have been there once before and had a good time so maybe all 3 of us can go.

Well after she left I caught up on some e-mails and had a nice quiet relaxing time here. Starbuck’s is a nice relaxing place to go for a few hours and sure beats just sitting at home dressed. I was trying to figure out how long I have been coming to Starbucks and I think it is almost 3 years now. Funny as I never go here as my male self but Susan enjoys it so much.

Well this weekend will be a busy one for Susan as I will once again be out with my friends at the P-Club Friday night which is always a fun night. Nothing starts the week like spending time with friends. Hopefully we will have a good turnout. Saturday night our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy club which is always fun but I will miss this month. One of my friends Rachel is having a BBQ and she invited me. It has been months since I have seen her so it will be so much fun. Now this is not a T-girl event as she is inviting all her friends. I know one other T-Girl Teresa who will be there and a couple of others who will be there that I know. It should be a fun night and I will also see Penelope who I have not seen since last year’s BBQ. It will be great to talk with them and catch up and I will have to try to talk them into coming out again with our group. I am planning on taking a veggie tray and still trying to think of something else I can take. I also already know what I am going to wear. Something casual and cute and of course will have to tone down the makeup.

Well tonight I need to stop and do a little shopping as I have not had time for that, just too busy. I also noticed my foundation is starting to get low so that means a trip to Nordstrom’s as I use MAC foundation and I just like Nordstrom’s. I may even look around the mall while I am there but that will be my next week outing I think.

Well must get back to my e-mails as my battery is almost dead and Starbuck’s closes in about 20 minutes. Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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