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Friday night with my friends

Well it was another long week for Susan and the weekend is not much better but I was going to make sure I went out with my friends on Friday night. Now tonight I had a new obstacle to get by. My neighbors across the street are having a garage sale this weekend so lots of people on my street and their whole family plus other neighbors are sitting out in their front yard. I figured I would worry about this after I was dressed, actually hoping they would all be gone when I was ready to leave. Well I was all dressed and looked out the window and as luck would have it they were putting the last of their stuff back into the garage, how lucky was this. Put my nails on and got my purse and their garage door was shut and no one outside. 6:45 and I was out the door.

I got to the P-Club and Cassandra and Chris were already there. The P-Club has changed their menu again; they have cut their selection including the P-Club salad. Anyway we were all hungry so we all ordered; I got the chicken strip basket which is also really good.

Soon a few more girls showed up, Michelle and Victoria. Well Victoria wanted to play pool and yes I agreed to play her. Now I will admit I am not a very good pool player but I was having a good night. I made some really good shots and wound up winning. Next I played Chris and again I was making some really good shots that is till I got to the 8 ball. I just couldn’t sink it even though Chris still had 4 balls to sink. In the end we were both down to the 8 ball and I missed my shot that really wasn’t that hard. Chris took his shot and can you believe it he sunk the cue ball and I won again. My third game was against Bobby. Again I was making really good shots and once again I was down to the 8 ball and just couldn’t sink it but this game Bobby didn’t scratch and won but I had a really fun time.

More girls showed up but still a smaller turnout than normal, maybe 12 but a lot of fun. Well it was now time for shuffle board, Cassandra and Trish challenged me and Victoria to a game. Shuffle board is such a fun game and 4r people can play. It was a good game but this week Cassandra and Trish won. Now what makes this so funny is Cassandra is so competitive in everything she does and is really good at pool but almost never wins at Shuffle board so she was so excited.

Now it was time for some good conversation and girl talk. I really like chatting with the other girls. Even a few of the regulars came over and talked with us. Funny how I still refer to them as regular as we have been going there for two years now so I guess that makes us regulars also. The truth is the P-Club is a very safe and friendly place to go. I think that is why our group has grown so much. It was a really fun night and I had planned on making it an early night as I had to be to work by 8 am Saturday morning but as always I was having so much fun with my friends that I stayed till close 2 am.

Saturday night was our monthly social that Cassandra and Peggy put on at their home. I was planning on going as I hoped to be home from work by 5 but didn’t get home till almost 6:30 and at that point figured it wasn’t worth going as it would have taken me till almost 8 to get Susan ready and than almost an hour drive to get there so I passed as I also have to be up early Sunday morning so just the one time out this week for Susan.

This coming week I hope to get out to Starbuck’s but will be out Friday night at the P-Club and Saturday at a BBQ. Any way thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Vanity Club

Wow I remember years ago maybe 10 years coming across a web page called the Vanity Club. It is a group of transgender woman from all over and they were all so beautiful and self confident in whom they are. Simple put they are what all transgender people aspire to be from crossdresser to transsexual. The group is small only 250 maximum and is by invitation only from a current member and even then there is a vote of the current membership so not just something someone joins.

Well it turns out I know a Vanity Club member and nominated me for membership a couple months ago so I filled out the application and sent it in and yes you guessed it. I was elected into the Vanity club the end of May so I am now a proud member (571) of the Vanity club. It is funny how things work out.

Now as I said they have members all over the country and as I don’t get to travel much it will be hard for me to meet them but I hope to some day. Any way just wanted to share my news with my readers.



Vanity Club member 571

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