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Awesome Friday night with Friends.

Well after missing last Friday night out with my friends I was really looking forward to tonight. Friends are so important in one’s life and after a long hard week at work what could be better than spending a fun night out we the people important in your life. Well I started getting ready and it was sunny out but by the time I was finishing it was dark and I could hear thunder and see the lightning which I really do love, just something about a good storm this girl likes. Well I pulled out of my garage and it was raining so hard I knew I didn’t have to worry about any of my neighbors being out and even if they were they would never see me through the rain. Going down the free way cars were only going about 30 and trust me that was plenty fast for the weather. About half way to the P-Club I ran out of the rain, funny as behind me it was dark and in front was sunny but I could still see the flashes of lightning behind me and hear the thunder and it was going the same way I was.

I got to the P-Club and found a parking spot right in front, love my small car. It was not raining yet so I got out and went inside and walked over to where Cassandra, Chris and Robyn were seated. As I said hi to them we saw a big flash of lightning outside and herd the thunder which was so loud it rattled the window so everyone in the club looked outside and that is when the bottom fell out. It started to rain so hard you couldn’t really see across the street and we are literally talking a minute after I got out of my car, this girl got lucky because as hard as it was raining the 15 feet I walked between my car and the door I would have been soaked. It was cool though as we were inside and could watch it all through the windows. The heavy rain lasted maybe 20 minutes before it let up.

Victoria, Diane and Christy showed up after the rain eased. It was great to see Diane, she was in town for work and didn’t let any of us know so she just showed up and surprised us all. She is a lot of fun to hang out with. Well Chris had his tablet and pulled up our group page (Rose_city_t-girls) as Cassandra had made a new folder called memorable moments and went back through all the pictures in our group and picked out some of the more interesting pictures, about 100 of them. We have pictures that go back 5 years in our group, 1,000’s of them. I was fun to look back and see the different looks, wigs and how we have all progressed. It was a nice walk down memory lane for us.

Well by this time we were all getting hungry so we ordered dinner, I got a salad. So we all ate and enjoyed some girl talk while we ate and of course a couple of the girls started playing pool. By this time other girls started showing up and I could already tell we would have a good turnout tonight. At one point I tried to count and got 26 but some may have left or not shown up yet so I am sure there were at least a few more, we pretty much took over the one section.

Olivia showed up I met her through Brooke, her and I are friends on facebook so I knew she would be there. She is a GG and it turns out her boyfriend works just across the street from the P-Club. She had on this really cute retro 70’s look outfit that she made, how cool would that be to be able to make your own outfits. Well it was time for shuffle board so Diane and Olivia played Cassie and me in a game it was a really close game and in the end they won by 1 point

Jan and Lynn also made it and brought a few girls they met at Esprit this year. They stayed in town to go out with our group tonight. So I guess maybe 5 or the girls that were there were not from our group but they still count. At this time we had girls playing shuffleboard and both pool tables.

Jennifer made it also so I had a chance to talk with her. She actually filled in for Diane when we were playing shuffle board when Diane went to get a drink. Jennifer actually scored 8 points on the one turn she did so in reality since they only won by one point it was Jennifer that won the game. She was on the same end as me so it gave us a chance to talk while we played.

Maya and Darla also made it, they are a really cute couple together and of course Darla had to show us her ring. Turns out Maya purposed and they are engaged. The big question is who gets to wear the wedding dress. Cassandra made a toast for the group.

Sophia and Lorna also showed up, seems they make it every few weeks. They are a great couple also and I enjoy talking to them. Problem is with such a big group which was great I didn’t notice them show up so it took me a while to get over and talk to them. We chatted for a few minutes but then I had to get back to my shuffle board game. Next time will have to be sure I can sit with them and talk more.

Well as I said we had such a big group I ended up standing most of the night and as I wore my 4″ heels by about midnight my feet were so soar I did what most woman do, I took them off which really did feel good. I got a chance to sit and really talk with Diane and heard all about her trip to Southern Comfort last year and even saw some great pictures. I may have to go to that one of these years if I can work into my vacations. Any way it was nice to talk to her and I learned a lot more about her. It is funny as we live these duel lives and we really do have wonderful close friends but we still keep things private. Some of these girls I consider my best friends but there are still things they don’t know, some have never seen my male side even in a picture but then I don’t have many pictures of my male self.

Well it was getting late and time to leave. It turns out that Olivia’s boyfriend’s birthday is this weekend and she was going over when he got off to surprise him. She had present for him and a card which she had some of us sign. It is funny signing a Birthday card for someone you have never met. Any way as we left she wanted a couple of us to go across the street to where he works and wish him a happy birthday so Victoria and I went. They were closed by this time but he came out and we all wished him a happy Birthday and Olivia gave him his presents which he opened. They really are a cute couple together. I wondered what he thought about his girlfriend showing up with two T-girls of which he has never met to wish him a happy Birthday. Well we said our goodbyes and it was time to leave. It was now after 2 am but what a fun night.

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  1. As far as girl shoes go – Pretty, Sexy, and Fun do not want to be friends with Comfortable. I don’t know why they ostracize her like that – so mean!

    Comment by Alexis Alexandra | May 28, 2012 | Reply

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