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Wednesday night dinner with friends.

Well it has been another busy week for my male self leaving little time for Susan but as I cannot get out Friday night I really wanted to get out during the week. Now I was planning on going to Starbuck as it has been a long time since I have been there but something more important came up. Wednesday was Cassandra and Roxy’s birthday and as they always go out for dinner and then to a club on Wednesdays I decided to surprise them. It really was a last minute option so I had to rush to get ready. Now being nice again I was worried about my neighbors being out so I kept looking out the windows and sure enough the 5 neighbor kids were all playing ball in the street right in front of my house.

Well I was already by 6:30 and chose my purple dress and heels as I wanted to look really cute. Looking out the front window 3 of the kids were still playing in the street. You have heard of being all dressed up and no place to go, here I was all dressed up with some place I wanted to go and no way to get out of the house without driving right through them. Really it was only a moment when the 3 of them ran into their garage and I ran for my car in my garage and was out the door. As I turned out of my drive onto the street I could see them coming back out from their house but I just kept going as they would not get a good look at me and they were more interested in playing. I can see as the summer goes on it will be harder for this girl to get out unseen.

Now the plan was to meet at the House of Louie which is a Chinese restaurant in Old Town Portland for dinner at 7 and then go over to Boiler Room for Karaoke and pool around 9 which is when I planned to leave as Work starts early for me. The other cool thing is I have never been to the House of Louie so this is a new place for Susan. I found a parking spot about a block. It was a nice warm evening for the walk and to the House of Louie and I was stopped twice by woman who told me how beautiful I looked, what girl doesn’t love to hear that. Well I got inside and Cristine was the only one there so I joined her and we waited.

It wasn’t long before the two birthday girls, Cassandra and Roxy showed up along with Chris and yes they were surprised to see me out on a Wednesday night. We talked for a bit before we ordered. The food was so good and there was so much that we couldn’t eat it all. It was a really fun night.

About 8:30 Victoria Sinclair, Marla and her girlfriend showed up and joined us. It was so great to see them out again. Victoria has been coming out a lot the last couple weeks after not being able to get out for a while. Well they ordered some food so this gave us a chance to sit and talk more. It really is amazing how fast the time went. The last two to show up were Joan and Bob. Well most of the food was gone and time to leave but not before some pictures of the birthday girls and yea I had to get in one of them.

Well we all left together and walked to the corner before I said my goodbye’s and went to my car. It was almost 9:30 so just a little later than I planned on being out but so worth it. I may have to try to go out with them on Wednesday every once in a while.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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