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May outing to Harvey’s Comedy club

Well it is Saturday night and time for our monthly outing to Harvey’s Comedy club. This is always such a fun night and I really look forward to it. Again it is a beautiful day out and about 85 out so lots of people out in my neighbor hood working in their yards so could be an issue when I leave but I will worry about that then. I started getting ready at 5 as I wanted to leave by 6:30 as parking is easier downtown before 7. Well I was ready right on time in my white skirt and pink top and looking out I could see none of my neighbors out so it looks like no problem leaving.

I got downtown just before 7 and I found a parking spot about a ½ block away from the Fox & Hound where we were meeting so I took it as I didn’t want to have to drive around looking. Walking to Fox & Hound I noticed several other spots right in front, guess parking was a lot easier tonight. Anyway I went in and Cassandra was the only one there so I joined her. It wasn’t long and other girls started to show up.

Even Becky from last night joined us for dinner; she wasn’t going to Harvey’s as she didn’t want to be out that late she just wanted to meet up with us for a little while. She actually did her own hair which is pretty short but really looked good on her and natural. Wow wish I could do that with my hair but I need the longer hair to help hide some of my face.

Soon most of us were there, Cassandra, me, Cristine, Bobby, Jan, Lynn, their son Ray, Joan, Victoria, and even Jenn. Last time Jenn just met us at Harvey’s but tonight she met us at Fox & Hound so we had a chance to talk both there and on the walk to Harvey’s. Really the walk to Harvey’s is fun as walking around the city like any other woman is nice and it was a nice warm night.

We got to Harvey’s and the window was already open so we got our tickets and went inside the bar. April the bar tender was so happy to see us as usual and came over and gave us hugs. What a wonderful feeling. We got our drinks and sat in the bar waiting for the show to start. What better time for pictures. This is Victoria, me and Jenn before the show.

Harvey’s was not as busy tonight as last time which may be because it is Mothers Day weekend. We got a table in the middle where we had a good view of the stage. The comedians were really good. The headliner was so funny, his name was Gabriel Rutledge so if you get a chance to see him you should. This really is a fun night out with the girls. Big thanks again to Cassandra, Jan & Lynn for getting our group the tickets.

I hope to get out next week sometime either Wednesday or Thursday as I have to work all next weekend and will miss Friday night. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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