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Pedicure day for Susan

Well after staying out way to late last night I got up early, 8 am to get ready for my pedicure. I was meeting Peggy at Glamorous nails in Beaverton (Glamorous Nails 17475 SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton Or. 97007 503-848-8259). Peggy had made us appointments at 11 am. Now I know what you are saying, 3 hours before my appointment, yes. First under normal driving conditions it is a 45 minute drive there for me. Second I still had on some of the makeup from last night so there would be a little extra time to my 1 to 1 ½ hours getting ready as I need to do a really good job as I will be out in the day light. Last I really needed to make sure my legs were shaved really good as part of the pedicure is a leg message and I did not want any hairs visible or stubble. Last night I had on panty hose and no one was touching my legs so I was not as careful in this area.

I wore white capris, aqua top and of course my flip flops. Now I am not at all a fan of flip flops as a matter of fact I have never owned a pair till last fall when I bought them for my first pedicure and this will only be the third time I have worn them also my third pedicure so I think you get the idea. You really need them when you get a pedicure if you don’t want to mess up your pretty little toes afterwards.

Well I was ready to leave right at 10, now being a Saturday and not raining I wondered who would be outside. I opened my garage and didn’t see anyone so I was off. The drive was nice and I hit a little traffic so it was about 10:55 when I parked my car and got out. It was perfect timing as Peggy was just getting out of her car so we walked in together. Now I have gone to this Salon several times before and always treated well there so I was not the least bit nervous. That being said I normally go on Monday mornings not Saturday which is probably their busiest day.

Peggy and I picked out our colors, now I really love red nail polish but being spring and wanting a change as I think my toes have been red for over a year now I chose a really hot bright pink color. Now if you have never had a pedicure you really need to get one. Yes it cost money and you can easily paint your own toes for far less money but it is all about the experience, they trim your nails and soak your feet. They message your feet and lower legs. They use a scrub to remove dead skin, oils. Lotions and then finally paint your toes. It takes about 45 minutes and well worth the $25 my legs look better then they have since the last pedicure and the skin feels so soft and silky. Plus they put you in a chair that gives back messages also. I wish I had known about this years ago.

Now as I said this is my third time going but first time with someone else along with me. Having someone with you makes it so much more fun, Peggy and I sat there talking and having such a fun time. It really made the whole experience better. Peggy is awesome and such a wonderful friend, we will have to do this again. Here are a couple pictures but the pink really does not look as bright in the pictures as they do in real life especially when the bright sun shine hits them. After they painted our toes we sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for them to dry enough before putting our flip flops back on and leaving.

After we left we were going over to Kathy’s house and we were going out to lunch with Kathy and Glen so we left may car there and Peggy drove as I had no idea how to get to Kathy’s. We chatted for a few minutes then all 4 of us got in Kathy’s car and off we went for lunch. We went to Coyote’s bar & grill which is only a mile or less away. We had a nice relaxing lunch and just talked. I ordered the Club sandwich which was awesome even though I only ate half of it and took the rest home for dinner. Now I all know you are all thinking how good I was not to over eat but truth be told the sandwich was huge and there was no way to get it in my mouth ladylike plus it was destroying my lipstick. I figured I could eat the other half at home where no one would see me eating. For lunch I used my Susan credit card as our waitress was nice enough to separate out everyone’s lunch.

We got back to Kathy’s house and talked a bit out front about her Cinco de Mayo part Saturday before Peggy and I got back in her car. She drove me back to the nails salon where my car was. We chatted for a few minutes before I got out and then it was the drive home as my day as Susan was coming to an end. Now the drive home there was all kinds of traffic and it actually took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get home. Now as I got close to home I started to wonder if any of my neighbors would be out. There really wasn’t much I could do once I turned down my street, even so I wasn’t that worried about it. The only ones I saw was my new neighbors across the street, well not really new as they moved in last December but I only met them last weekend when we were both out in our yards working. They came over and introduced themselves. They seem really nice but know that they have met me and know I am single I have to worry about them seeing a blonde woman driving my car. Well they were working in their garage so I doubt if they really saw me backing into my garage.

Well now at home I am staying Susan for a bit while I write my blog. I don’t normally like to be Susan at home as friends and family drop by from time to time unannounced and some of my family has keys to the house as I let them store things in my garage so I am sitting in the front room with the curtains cracked so I can see if a car pulls into my drive, that way I can be upstairs and jump in the shower if needed. Well the reason I am telling you all this is while I was sitting here my door bell rang. No car in the drive and it appears I did not notice whoever it was walking up to the door but since I can see out they can see in and must have seen me. Well I panicked and ran upstairs and looked out the window to see who walked away. Now I realize if it was one of my neighbors that walked over they must be wondering first who the girl was and why I didn’t answer the door. Well it turns out it was just some guy going door to door so I lucked out this time.

It was an awesome day, Thanks Peggy for getting a pedicure with me, and yes I now have really pretty feet again. The pink is cute and spring like but I really like the red colors so next time will probably do a red again but then again some other color might catch my eye. Who knows plus it is the right of a girl to change her mind.

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend.

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  1. Hi Susan
    Sounds like a wonderful experience. My wife did once do my nails, maybe twice even, but I only kept the varnish on for a day or two!!
    I can see that one day you are going to ‘get caught’ at home. But I think you have thr ight attitude. Try to avoid the conflict as much as you can. Deal with it, if it happens.
    Have a nice day, the rain is terrible here in the UK
    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | April 29, 2012 | Reply

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