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Slow Friday night at the P-Club

Well it has been another busy week for this girl, no midweek outing to Starbucks so I was really looking forward to Friday night with my friends to help lift my spirits. This Sunday starts Diva Las Vegas and the fact I couldn’t go this year really got me thinking about it. You see if I had gone Thursday night I would have gone to the nails salon and gotten acrylic nails for the trip and would be living full time for the next 10 day. Friday we would have drove down to LA and gone out Friday night and Saturday shopping or maybe even Universal Studios like last time. I got a text from Cassandra that she and Cristine made it to LA and I know they will have a fun week so looking forward to hearing all about it. Next year I will be there for sure.

Well I really tried hard to get ready early so I could be to the P-Club by 7 but got there just a few minutes past. Chris was the only one there so far so I joined him and we started to talk. Chris texted Cassandra to see where they were they were already down there as they left at 4:30 am for the drive. I went up and ordered some food, Nicole was off tonight and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the girl filling in as I have only met her a few times but she is very nice also. I must say that the P-Club staff is really great no matter who is working. We weren’t sure how many would show up tonight as Cassandra and Cristine are the ones who are out the most regular in the group and they are both gone for 10 days. But 7:30 came and a few girls started to show up. Kristy and Bobby were the first two, then Robyn and Teresa. It has been a while since Robyn and Teresa have been out on a Friday night so glad they could make it.

Kim showed up, she is Peggy’s hair dresser and very nice. She was meeting one of her friends there and they were going to hang out with us, how fun is that as it is always great to have some pretty GG’s in the group. Well her friend showed up a few minutes later and she is also very nice but as I am Blonde I can’t remember her name. Actually I have a hard time remembering names one of the reasons I like to put them in my blog but as I am blonde that is the excuse I am using. It looks like we may have a good group after all. In all we had 13 I think which is smaller than normal but just a couple years ago 10 or more was an awesome turnout for our group.

Jen, Trisha and another girl showed up (another blonde moment on the name). It is always good to see them. Gave me a chance to talk with Jen some more and see how things were going for her. She started her hormone therapy a couple months ago and she has started telling everyone about her transition. I give her credit for that as it takes a lot of guts to be so open to people. Any way things are good and pretty much everyone so far has been okay with her transition. It is funny as you think that people would have such a hard time with a change like this but the 3 girls I know best (Teresa, Victoria & Jen) which have gone through it have all had great reaction and support to it. I worry so much about my family, friends and neighbors finding out and I really think for the most part it would be no big deal to them but it is that fear of the unknown.

Well it was time for shuffle board so Jen and I challenge Kim & Teresa to a game. Now Kim has only played once before so Jen and I had a slight advantage. Teresa and I were at one end and Kim and Jen the other. We had a fun time even though the table had way to much salt on it that the pucks did not slide very well but both teams had to deal with this. Jen and I won so we took a break and went back and talked with the group.

Later on Kim and Teresa wanted a rematch, this time Kim and I were at one end and Teresa and Jen the other. During the second game I was giving Kim some tip, strategy on the game. Well Jen and I won again but the third game was a different story as Kim used my tips and really improved, Kim & Teresa won the third game. We all had a fun time.

It was after 10 when Jan and Lynn showed up, Jan in boy mode. It was great to see them and sit around and talk some more. Victoria also showed up, she had been out of town on business and had just flown in to PDX so on her way home from the airport she stopped in to spend a little time with the group. The P-Club really is a nice place to hang out and spend time with friends. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere and the people there are great. One guy came over and told Kim how pretty she was and really looked passable, we all laughed as she is a GG. I told her she should have said thanks in a real deep husky voice but even so the fact he came over and complimented her in our group shows that we are accepted there. The rest of the night I kept telling her what a passable girl she made.

Well a little after midnight our group started to dwindle as girls left. By 1 am it was just Jan, Lynn and I left. We were getting ready to leave when Brooke showed up so we all sat back down and talked some more. Brooke has a new wig that really looks great on her. Before we knew it it was closing time. We all went up and paid our bills and said our goodbyes. It was a little after 2 am when we left. I was so tired as I had gotten up for work a 4 am so I have been up for 22 hours now. On the drive home they opened the bridge for a ship or something but there I sat for about 15 minutes so it was almost 3 am when this girl finally got to bed. But it was such a fun night and I got to spend time with my friends so how better to start a weekend.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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