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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club April 2012

Well it is Saturday night and I was looking forward to a fun night with my friends at Harvey’s Comedy Club. Our group the Rose City T-Girls have started going there every second Saturday of the month. We had tickets to the 10:30 show so the plan was to meet at Fox & Hound between 7 and 8 for dinner and then walk the 7 blocks to Harvey’s for the show.

I got to Fox & Hound at 7 and found a parking spot just a half block up. It was a sunny warm day but did bring my wrap as I knew it would get cold later. Cassandra was already there so I joined her and ordered something to eat. We knew we would have at least 7 of us for sure but there were 6 others who said they might show up. Darla and Maya showed up and then 4 of us talked while we waited to see who else would show up, some of the girls were meeting us at Harvey’s. This is Darla and me at Fox & Hound. Well it turns out it was just the 4 of us who met at Fox & Hound so at 8:30 the 4 of us left and walked to Harvey’s.

The walk was nice and really we have never had a problem walking around Portland. We got there and had to stand in line with a few other people waiting for the ticket window to open to get our tickets. Cristine, Bobby, Jen, Brooke and Stefia were already there and waiting in the bar so once we got our tickets we went in and joined them. April the Bar tender there came over and gave me a hug and asked if I wanted a drink. She is so awesome and just loves us. She looks forward to the nights our group comes. This makes one feel so welcome so of course I ordered a drink and took the opportunity for another picture.

Now they are remodeling so where we normally went was closed and the new bar area is very small for everyone to wait in. we ended up sitting at two different tables. I sat with Stefia, Jen and Brooke. It was nice to just sit and talk for a bit as we still had an hour before they would let us into the show room. Maya and Darla also joined us at our table. We were going to have a good group for the show. Cameras came out again and more pictures were taken. I got one of me with Stefia and several other pictures but this is my blog so I guess the pictures should have me in them. Stefia has met me at Starbucks a few times and we even met once for dinner which also was the night I bought the dress I am wearing tonight. About 9:30 Stacy showed up so we now had 10 of us. Stacy does not get out much but I have met her a couple times at the P-Club.

By now there were so many people in the small bar area waiting that you could hardly move about. Right behind us was a group of woman, one was getting married in two weeks and this was her bachelorette party. They had bought their tickets online and wanted to know about the show. We ended up talking to them for about 5 minutes which was nice.

Well it was finally time to go in and with so many people our group got separated so we were all intermixed in with the crowd working our way into the show room. It was amazing as no one really cared or looked at us funny. Once inside we were shown to our table with the rest of our group. They have also redesigned the showroom so we were in a different area then we normally sat but still had a good view. Our waitress came and took our orders; I got another drink and an appetizer.

Well we had a little time still before the show started while they seated the rest of the people so what to do, yes why not more pictures. I promised I would have pictures from tonight. One is of Jen, Stefia and me and the next is Stacy, Jen, Stefia and me.

Well the show started and they have a host, a featured comedian and then the headliner. The host was pretty good but his set was pretty short. The featured comedian who I can’t remember his name was really good. He was from Seattle area and he was really good.

The Headliner was Jeff Burghart and he was awesome. He does a lot of voice impressions and most are really good and very funny. There is nothing like a night out with friends laughing and having fun. If you ever get a chance to see him you should and if you are ever in Portland and looking for a fun night out check out Harvey’s Comedy Club. Well worth money. Our waitress came back to see if we needed anything and I ordered another drink now I know what you are thinking but I was drinking 7-up, yes I am not a drinker.

The time went by so fast and soon the show was over and we all paid our bills, I used my famous Susan credit card. On the way out we stopped back in the bar and talked with April, she was already looking forward to next month when we come back. She is really awesome and gave us all hugs on the way out.

Outside Stefia, Jen Cristine and Bobby who had parked by Harvey’s went their way after we said our goodbyes. Stacy, Brooke, Cassandra, Maya, Darla and I all enjoyed a nice walk back to Fox & Hound, I was glad I brought my wrap as it was a little cool out. It was amazing how many people were out at midnight, now we were in a group but for the most part I never thought about us walking back as I think Portland is a pretty safe place as long as you use good judgment.

We ended up not going to Fox & Hound as it was late and most of us were ready to call it a night. As we walked by CC Slaughters which is on the same block we ran into Bo who is a Drag Queen from CC’s so we stopped and talked to her for a bit. I even had two guys come up and tell me how pretty I was; now they were gay but hey I still looked pretty and that is what counts.

It was such a fun night I was sad to see it come to an end. I said my goodbyes to the rest of the girls and walked to my car and left. I am already looking forward to next month when we go again.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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