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Relaxing night at Starbuck’s

Well still really busy for this poor girl but I had the chance to come to Starbuck’s tonight so I did. I had actually planed on being out last night but got home late from work. The bright side is I got off a little earlier today so here I am. They are remodeling so I think they are closeting at 8 now so had to get here a little early.

It is strange how comfortable and relaxing it is to just sit here with a warm drink and play on my computer. I know it does not make sense to get all dressed up, spend the hour to hour in a half to get ready, drive 20 minutes to spend 1 ½ to 2 hours here and then go home but I enjoy it. Strange as when I am here other than seeing my nails and bracelets I don’t even think about being dressed as Susan.

I try to explain this to others as it seems so simple to me, but not everyone understands it. I guess if you really enjoy something then all the effort is worth it. I have friends that spend a ton of money and time on their hobbies and things they like and for me it is the same thing although I don’t spend a ton of money on Susan, but I could as there are so many cute outfits, heels and makeup. It is true it is way more expensive to be a girl but also a lot more fun.

Well it will be another fun week as I will be out 3 nights in a row, tonight of course and then Friday night with my friends at the P-Club. It is always a fun night as what is important is spending time with my friends. Now you could say going to the same place every week could get old and boring but what for me it is the people that make it fun. The P-Club is a safe and accepting place to go where those who are new to going out can go and feel comfortable. And for those of us that are now comfortable going out almost any place there are lots of things to do there.

On Saturday night this week we will be going to Harvey’s Comedy Club again, right now we have 5 that are going for sure and 4 others who might go so it could be a smaller group this month. They put on a really good show and always treat us wonderful. Even the staff likes us and always asks us to come back which always feels nice. We will meet at the Fox & Hound between 7 & 8 for dinner and then about 8:30 walk the 8 blocks to Harvey’s. We do this as parking is usually better by Fox & Hound plus the walk is nice. Walking down the street like any other woman is fun and we have never had a problem.

Well Diva Las Vegas starts in 10 days and I will not be going this year which is sad but Cassandra and Cristine are going. Cristine has not been to Las Vegas in like 40 years so she is really excited. They are going to Drive to LA on Friday before and spend Friday and Saturday nights there before going to Las Vegas on Sunday and then do the same thing on the way home. The same trip we did two years ago. The only difference is they are going to a dodgers Baseball game on the last Sunday. The game gets over at 5 pm and they will drive part way home and finish the trip Monday. Going to a Baseball game as Susan would be so much fun, something I have not done.

I have been reading all the post about Diva Alas Vegas and what they have planed, dinners, shows, this year they are going to Phantom of the Opera which would be so much fun. Cassandra and Cristine are going to this, they better get pictures. It really is a fun time and there is still time to register. Registration closes on April 15 so if you are thinking of going you better register quickly.

Well must be going as they are closing now.

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