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Awesome Friday night and no we did not win the Lottery

Well it was the end of a long week for me so I was ready to spend some fun time with my friends. I really think having good friends will brighten anyone’s day and make you feel some awesome inside and trust me I have some really great friends. Cassandra sent out a group text to see if anyone wanted to go in on some lottery tickets for the big drawing tonight. We had to buy them by 7 pm so you either needed to be to the P-Club before 7 or text her back you wanted in and would pay her when you got there and of course I sent her a text. $5 for a chance at a share of 640 million was worth it to me. I also made every effort to be there before 7 and I guess the thought of winning money did it as I was at the p-club by 6:45. We had 11 people in the pool so I guess when we split it we would each only get $55 million but still a good shot. Cassandra bought the tickets and I also bought some of my own.

Well e did have a good turnout tonight and some of the girls got there early like me and we all talked about the money we would win which was fun, kind of like when you were little and would talk about all the great and fun things we would do when we grew up. Well in case you didn’t know we did not win so we are not all mega millionaires.

Well we had our normal group of girls plus a few more that come out every now and then so maybe 15 to 20 of use there. We are normally the biggest single group of people there but not tonight. About 8 pm a few people started to show up and put tables together for a birthday party and they kind of took over the place. I would guess they had 40 people in their group and all between 21 and 30 years old. They were having fun and really paid no attention to us so we went about having our good time.

We all ordered dinner and sat around and talked. I had a chance to talk with Cassandra about Diva Las Vegas and she is planning on going even though I can’t which is great as I know she will have a great time so Beverly if you are reading this yes Cassandra will be there and staying at the Imperial Palace. I am still sad I can’t go as it really is a fun time.

Later on about half of the group from the birthday party came up to play some pool and shuffle board. Cassandra being her awesome self just started talking with them, god I love that about her. I need to get better at that. Well it wasn’t long and we were all having a fun time together and they were totally at ease with us there. A couple of the guys challenge Cassandra at pool, yes Cassandra won and they were fine with that. The girls in the group all seemed to love us and thought we all looked great which we did by the way. Funny thing was there were probably 20 girls in their group and only one of them had on a dress the rest were in pants of some sort and only 2 of them had on heels as to our group everyone had on a dress or skirt and heels. I guess it just takes a real man to be really girlie.

Anyway I was talking to two of the girls and they brought up the heels. Seems they have never worn heels and figured they would break their legs if they did. I assured them they would be able to walk just fine and showed one of them the basics on walking in heels. Got to love YouTube as that is where I learned. So here we are me in my heels and her in her flats walking back and forth a few times. Now for the funny part the other girl borrowed her sister’s heels and asked me to show her. She really did look awkward but no more then I probably did the first time I wore heels. So we walked back and forth a couple times but that was it for her. Turns out her sister’s feet are one size smaller so her feet were done and she took them off but promised she would get a pair and bring them back for another lesson.

There were lots of pictures taken and of course the night was almost over when I realized none of the pictures were on my camera so I got it out really fast and got a few pictures. It is strange as that was always the big thing when I went out, had to have pictures now it is more about being out at Susan and spending time with friends and chatting with others.

Later on Darcy came over and we sat down together and talked for about 20 minutes or more which was really nice as it gave me a chance to learn more about her and her friends. She was really an awesome person and I am glad to have met her. It was a shame I was so much older than her as she was totally fine with our way of dressing but still I feel I made a new friend. Really hope her and her friends come back again.

Well it was almost 2 am when we finally left. Cassandra and I were the last two to walk out. We had both parked right in front on the street. Another GG came out of the club behind us and told us how awesome we looked. I think she said her name was Lalaunie (I guessed at the spelling) but we chatted for a minute. She told me I had perfect skin and looked flawless which made me feel great as it had been 8 hours since I put on my makeup. Now I will admit it was dark outside and rainy and she had been drinking but the compliment still stands. It was an awesome bight all around.

I won’t be out next Friday do to work but hopefully Saturday as Cassandra and Peggy our having a monthly get together at their home the first Saturday of the month and if the chance happens maybe once during the week but right now it looks as though Wednesday night might be the only chance I have. Any way thanks for reading and have a great week.


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