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Friday evening with my friends.

Well it has been another long and busy week so I was so looking forward to tonight and spending some quality time with my friends as Susan. It really is amazing how just getting ready as Susan reduces my stress. Someplace online I saw the statement that crossdressing is hard on you and complicates your life and I guess to a point it does but that being said there are so many good things about it that makes it all worthwhile. One of the hardest parts was learning how to do my makeup; GG’s (genetic girls) grow up from a young age and get lots of practice and help from their friends, sisters or mom. I on the other hand had to learn it all on my own as I have never told anyone. The most complicated part is keeping the two sides separate; it really is like living a double life. Like anything worthwhile though it is all worth it as I truly have the best of both worlds. Think of all the wonderful things we have today, it is all because someone put in the hard work to find them or create them. Just because something is hard does not mean it is not worth the effort.

Well it is official; I could not get time off this year for Diva Las Vegas so I will have to miss this year. It is sad but I am already looking forward to next year and making plans. I will miss seeing the wonderful ladies I have met there and of course the not being Susan for a whole week and no acrylic nails although I am sure I will find a chance to get them done at least once this year.

Well I got all ready to go out to the P-Club with my friends. Today was really nice and sunny and when it was time to leave it was still really light out and my new neighbor across the street was out washing his car. Now I have not met him yet so I had that going for me. I opened my garage door and as he turned his back to me I pulled out and onto the street just as he turned back. I know he did not get a good look but I am sure he saw what looked like a woman driving my car but as I said I don’t really know him so he will probably just thing she was my girlfriend or wife. With the nice weather and longer days now this will be more of an issue. It was nice having 3 vacant houses by me but not anymore as they are all full.

I got to the P-Club and found a spot in front and went in. Cassandra, Chris and Samantha were already there so I joined them. We talked for a bit and I broke the news to Cassandra I could not go to Diva Las Vegas this year, I hope she still goes. Well I was hungry so I went up and ordered some food from Nicole and wondered if she would say anything about me being there last night in male mode or had she even realized it. She gave no indication she knew I had been there so it was good. As a matter of fact I said hi to Cindy and also Paul who had also been there last night and no sign they knew either.

Veronica showed up next which was nice as it has been awhile since she has made it out on a Friday night because of work. It was nice to sit and talk with her; she even showed us a picture of the truck she is driving now. Several of the girls from our group are now driving truck which is good as they are working but it cuts into their time out with the group so any time they make it is wonderful.

We had a good turnout, maybe 15 to 20 girls from the group which is good as it hard for some girls to get out before it gets dark, yes Crossdressers tend to be more of a night people. I remember years ago I would never leave my house before 10 pm as it had to be dark and late so people weren’t likely to see me. It is a shame because I think we are more worried about what others think then they really are.

Olivia Brooke’s friend from last week and I guess my friend also now showed up with her friend Sarah, I knew she would be there and was kind of watching for them but never saw them come in but turned around and they were playing pool. Guess I am not very observant. Anyway I went over and talked to Olivia and met her friend who is also really nice. We talked for a bit and then I let them get back to their pool game. A little later I went back and talked to them, Sarah was wondering about some of us who had rings on our fingers, she said they looked like wedding rings. I explained some of the girls were married and others were just something they liked to wear. Now I do were a solitaire ring and yes it is on the second finger so it does look like a wedding or engagement ring. I have never really given it much thought why I wear it there other than that is the only finger it fits on. I also think it helps me feel more feminine it also I hope will keep men from approaching me but in the flip side it may be why woman also don’t approach me. I may have to think on this more.

There were two GG’s that walked by us and smiled. Now I did smile back and wave at them which was good for me as I am still working on being more outgoing. Cassandra on the other hand walked over to where they were sitting and just started talking to them, wow I need to really be more like this. Well I also went over and talked to them but it was really because Cassandra did it first. They were pretty awesome and thought it was great we were there and if this was what we like to do that was great.

Well it was getting late and Nicole was leaving for the night so I just had to know so I went and asked her if she had recognized me last night. She let out a big, “that was you, Cindy and I were trying to figure out who you were since you kept calling us by our names”. She said when I left and stopped right in front of her and said good night she was thinking I was one of as she put it her girls. So what I took away from this is if I had not called them by their names I think they would not have realized it was me.

Well it was time to leave and Olivia and her friend Sarah needed a ride home and since they only live about a mile away and pretty much right on my way home I offered to give them a ride. I would never let someone I know walk that far at 2AM in the morning, male or female just not safe. It was nice to have someone to chat with even for such a short distance. It was a fun night and I look forward to next Friday.

I should make it out to Starbuck’s this week either Tuesday or Thursday so I have that to look forward to also. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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  1. Hi Susan

    Sorry to hear you can’t make it to Vegas. Another time!
    But glad to hear you did ask the P-club staff about the previous night. This will only give you more confidence.
    Good luck with your neighbours.

    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | March 26, 2012 | Reply

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