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Friday night with my friends 3-16-2012

Well it was Friday night and after missing the last two I was so ready to spend time with my friends. It is strange as going for a while without being Susan is hard but I really think what I missed most was spending time with my friends. It is amazing how much a part of my life they have come. I really think I have closer friends as Susan as I can be myself with them and yes Susan is a big part of who I am. Don’t get me wrong as my male self has some good friends but I have to hide such a big part of my life from them. In a way it would be so cool if everyone knew about all of me. I know I will never be able to just walk up to one of my friends and say, “hey guess what I like to do on Fridays, I dress up as a woman and go out”. The girls that can do that have way more guts than I do. But I really believe that I hope they will find out and I say this as I use to never leave the house before dark and if I did I would wear sunglasses and leave my wig and lipstick off till I got away from my home. Now I still look out the window before leaving but I leave all the time fully dressed while still light out so if any of my neighbors are outside or looking out their windows they are going to see me which leads me to my next question. If they have seen me would they come up and ask me about it or just keep quiet. I guess it is possible they already know and don’t know what to say to me either.

Well for Friday night I did get out a little earlier than normal and made it to the p-club by 7:15 and got the last parking spot on the street right in front of the door. Walking in Nicole was behind the bar and I said hi to her, she is such a nice person. Cassandra, Bobby, Chris and Robyn were already there so I joined them and my night began. It was truly relaxing to be out with them again. I ordered their Chicken basket for dinner and we sat there and ate and enjoyed a little girl talk. Cassandra asked me about Diva Las Vegas and I still can’t give an answer. My odds of being able to go have improved but still lots going on at work. I am still really hoping I can make it, I have not signed up yet but really must by April 1 so I guess that is the line in the sand for me.

Well by 8 others had shown up, Kristy, Kelly, Samantha, Maya & Victoria. A couple men that have played shuffle board with us before came over and wanted to know if we would like to play, Victoria and Cassandra were the two that played and of course they won the game. It is nice that some of the regulars will interact with us even to the point of approaching us first; it really makes us feel like we are part of the bigger group there. It was great to see Maya out again and had to get some pictures. A friend told me I needed to try a sexy pose rather than just standing there so I did and got a picture. Well it turns out I need a lot of practice at posing so instead of that picture here is a way cuter one of me and Maya.

Later on Jenn, Trisha and another girl showed up. They have a MTF support group at the Q-center on Friday nights and Jenn always stops in afterwards to spend time with the group. We all sat at a table for awhile and just talked. Jenn and I talked for awhile, she has come a long way since she first e-mailed me last fall. She is going out a lot more and has told most of her family about Jenn. It really is cool the friends we meet online, it is a shame that we did not have the internet and e-mail when I was younger as it really does make it easier to meet people.

Later on Brooke showed up on Brooke time, a little joke between those who know Brooke and Brooke. Now as a crossdresser I have never once said anything to a GG I was dating about how long it took her to get ready as I know firsthand it takes time but Brooke is the exception, it can take her 3 hours or more and a lot of it is trying on different things to wear. I even think most GG’s would think she was taking too long but what is important is she made it out. She had a GG friend of her which was going to meet her there, turns out she had been sitting at a table about 20 feet from us reading a book for about an hour waiting for Brooke to show up. Anyway Brooke introduced her to all of us, her name was Olivia. She seems really nice and totally okay with the transgender thing.

Later on we wanted to play shuffle board so Jenn & Kelly played Olivia and me at Shuffle board. It was a good game and Olivia and I took a big early lead but in the end Jenn had a couple good shots and in two turns got 17 points to win the game. Now I am not making excuses but Olivia and I did have the blue pucks so they didn’t match my red nail polish which was distracting for this poor blonde plus I had bumped one of my nails getting out of the car so it was loose. Very hard to play when you are worried about a loose nail coming off as that would be disastrous. The good news I made it the whole night without losing the nail, I am such a girl to worry over this. Towards the end of the bight I had a good chance to talk with Olivia, she is really nice. We had a good conversation and I found out about her boyfriend and past boyfriends and even shared some about my past girlfriends. It was like to girlfriends talking and sharing their feelings. I think that is one of the greatest things about Susan as my male side is not a big talker and does not like to share feelings or talk about relationships past or present. As Susan I am more able to open up.

It was a really fun night with only one bad point. One guy who likes to hang out with our group and play pool, (not part of our group thankfully as he can be very annoying) had a little too much to drink and had to be escorted out. The bad part is when the bouncer got him to the door he set his drink on the floor and the bouncer went back to get his umbrella the guy kicked the glass like he was kicking a foot ball and the drink and glass went everywhere and as such a small scuffle broke out between them. A couple of our girls got some of the drink on them and even one got hit in the back with some of the glass, no cuts though. But as such the bouncer called the police which he had to. Well as we were leaving Cassandra and I apologized for his action and it was so nice to hear them tell us it was not our fault, they knew he was not part of our group. Our group always acts well there and tries to be upstanding ladies when we are out. I guess there will be issues and this is the first since we have been going there which has been almost 2 years. Just glad it was not one of our members.

Well we actually stayed till 2 am which is the latest we have been out in a long time but also made me one tired girl as I got up for work this morning at 3:45. Bed will feel so good tonight.

Well I probably won’t make it out this week to Starbucks but will be out again next Friday. Have a great week and thanks for reading.


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  1. Susan, It sounds like I missed out on the action at the end of the night! Also I’m glad I didn’t have a loose nail or I might have not had my first victory in shuffleboard! See you soon!


    Comment by Jenn C. | March 17, 2012 | Reply

  2. Really hope you can make it to DLV again. I don’t think I would have had to guts to tell most of my regular friends if I hadn’t gone to Vegas three years ago.

    Comment by Valorie | March 22, 2012 | Reply

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