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Friday night at P-club on Super Bowl weekend.

Well it has been another busy week for Susan’s male self and on top of that was sick for part of the week so didn’t make it to Starbuck’s so I was really looking forward to Friday night with my friends. Now Susan was ready for the weekend as she usually decides what to wear as she gets ready but not this week. I already knew what I was going to wear Friday night to the P-Club, Saturday for my pedicure and Sunday for the Super Bowl party so you would think getting ready would be faster. Well for some reason it took me a little longer getting bready Friday night so it was about 7:15 when I left home. I got to the P-Club a little after 7:30 as it is not that far of a drive and found a spot right in front on the street.

Inside Cassandra, Victoria, Chris & Kristy were already there so I joined them. The P-Club was really slow other than us there were only 2 other people there. First thing I needed to do was get Roxy’s phone number to confirm my pedicure appointment for Saturday morning. Roxy had left a voice mail to make sure I would still be there and see if she could move my appointment from 11 to 10 which was fine with me just a little less sleep then I hoped. I got her number from Chris and called her and we chatted for a bit, I am really looking forward to the pedicure plus my toe nails really need it. Susan has neglected her toes for the last few weeks trying to get in for the pedicure.

Well I rejoined the group and we started talking. Cassandra figured we would have a small turnout as we have the Super Bowl party Sunday. We all thought it would be just us 5 and maybe 4 or 5 more. Well Shannon and her boyfriend Dustin showed up and then Cristine and Bobbie so we were right on course. Well to our surprise more kept showing up. In the end I think we had about 24 there, some left early and some came late so hard to get a good count but it was a lot more than we thought.

Well I went to the bar to order dinner; yes I had a salad as I am still trying to eat better. Also gave me a chance to talk with Nicole the bar tender. She just got back from a 2 week vacation in Belize. She had a great time and we spent about 10 minutes talking and her telling me all about it. Sounds so fun but we are all glad she is back.

Well about 9 the P-Club started to get really busy which is always nice as it shows we are not keeping people away and it also gives us a good chance to interact with the general public. Cassandra was the leader again and went over to a group of 4 girls and a guy and said she wanted to get a picture with the hottest girl in the club. What a way to break the ice as they were all too happy to get in the picture. Even the guy with them got in a picture with Cassandra. Turns out they were really awesome and we chatted for a while and Cassandra even played Michael a game of pool, she won of course.

Dan even made it back out and brought a date, her name was Kaylee, Not sure I spelled that correctly. She was really nice and I got a chance to talk with her a little later in the evening. Hopefully she will come out again with the group.

There was another new girl who is not a member of the group that showed up named Sophia. Cassandra and Victoria seemed to know her. Now I will admit I could not tell if she was a GG or transgender and I say this in the best way as till I started talking with her I thought she was a GG, it wasn’t till she told me she started dressing 6 years ago and hormones 3 years ago. I am sure that no one would know if she didn’t say anything.

Well later a girl and 2 guys came up to play shuffle board and the girl was trying to explain how to play to them. I watched for a few minutes and then realized she really had no idea how it was played either so I went over and gave them a couple tips. She thanked me and asked me to explain how it was played and the scoring worked. I am always nervous about this as you are never sure how someone will take it. Any way I explained it to them, and helped them score the first few turns. It was fun and they thanked me for my help.

Now last Friday at the P-Club they had cupcakes for my Birthday and I thought I would include a picture of me blowing out a candle. We actually lit the candle for me to blow out 4 times to get a good picture. Kind of small but I thought it was cute.

It was a fun night and we all had a good time. We stayed out till 1:30 which was a little later than I planned as I have to be up by 8 am to get Susan ready for her pedicure. Now I know I could have gone in boy mode for the pedicure but still a little uneasy about that plus not as much fun. Doing something like this as a guy just wouldn’t be as much fun as doing it as Susan. Well it was a little after 2 am when I got to bed, so it will be a short night for Susan.

Will post again about my pedicure and of course the Super Bowl party. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.


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