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Friday night at the P-Club

Well another Friday night and I made it out with my friends again. I look forward all week long to my time out with my friends. I say it all the time but I am really lucky to have such great friends. Being able to talk and spend time with people who accept you and share your interests.

Well I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and there was no parking either in front or the parking lot. This was a first and after two trips through the parking lot I parked on the side street so I had about a block to walk. The P-Club was really busy tonight, not sure why but there was a good crowd there. Cassandra, Chris, Robyn and Kristy were already there so I joined them. It was nice to just sit and talk for awhile. We talked about Diva Las Vegas; I am still waiting to hear if I get my vacation. I hope to hear this next week. It was so much fun and I really want to go again this year. As of today they have 110 signed up to attend so far.

Well we all ordered dinner, I had the salad which is really good and healthier for me. They have really good food and I almost ordered the ribs as they look really good. Several of the girls have had them and say they are awesome. I am just afraid I might mess up my lipstick.

Shannon showed up with her boyfriend. Turns out her birthday is this Monday so we got a picture with her, Chris, Cristine and me as we all have birthdays in January. Shannon use to hang out with us a couple years ago at Embers and it was only a month or so again she joined our group. Her boyfriend is nice but I think he is a little uneasy around us still.

Jennifer also made it out. It was her first time out to the P-Club. She went to an event at the Q-Center and then stopped by after. It was great to see her again as I have only met her once at the Halloween party. We have e-mailed each other several times and I hope she can get out more. I couldn’t stay out late last night as I Saturday I had to work.

Peggy made cupcakes and sent them with Cassandra for my Birthday, how sweet was that. She was unable to make it do to work. They were so good, Thanks so much Peggy. It was a really fun night.

Some of the girls played pool but we never did get to play shuffle board. And I managed to stay out till about 11 which was later than I planned as I had to be up at 3:30 am. It was a short night but still so worth it. There were some picture taken and I hope to post them when I get them.

Thanks for reading.


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