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Starbucks on a Wednesday night

Well it has been another busy week so far and my only night available for Starbucks was tonight. It is funny as when I first started coming to Starbucks it was always on Wednesday nights but somewhere along the way it became hard to get out on Wednesday and I started doing the Thursday nights. They are really busy tonight but I did find a table in the back to sit at. It is kind of nice to go out on a different night for a change.

I am still waiting to hear on my vacation for Diva Las Vegas, I hope to hear by the end of the month. I really hope I can go as was so much fun the last two years and this year if I go Cassandra plans on going and maybe a couple others. One interesting thing is a couple GG’s we met the first year e-mailed Cassandra a couple weeks back and it turns out they were planning on going to Las Vegas for one of their birthdays and wanted to know if Cassandra would be there and when. Cassandra gave them the dates of Diva Las Vegas and the hotel we plan on staying if we go so we could run into them. Cassandra taught them how to play Blackjack the first night we were there. That was such a fun trip.

I really need to go do some shopping as I can always use some new outfits, a girl can never have too many cute outfits and shoes. Plus it is just fun to be out shopping. Strange as my male self is not that fond of shopping unless it is for Susan. I could really use a few more dresses in colors as most of mine are black. Funny when I first started going out I always picked black colors as it helps hide ones size but now I want to add a little color to my wardrobe. I also am in need of casual clothes especially if I go to Diva Las Vegas.

Well I made my appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Back at the Halloween party I won a pedicure that Cassandra had as prizes. Roxy one of the girls in our group is going to beauty school at Beau Monde and needs people to practice on so Cassandra got some gift certificates to there to help her out and I have just been so busy I haven’t found time but I was looking at my toe nails and wow do I need to do something so it is time. I figured as long as I was there I might just as well get a manicure too. I am really looking forward to it as it is so relaxing. My appointment is a week from this Saturday. I was going to do it this Saturday but turns out I have to work which is both good and bad. It is overtime so extra money for Susan to shop with but the bad part is I won’t be able to stay out as late Friday night.

Our group again will be out Friday night at the P-Club. It is so much fun to spend the night out with friends. We really do have a great group of girls and it makes it so easy to be out in public. We always have so much fun and the staff is just awesome there. Even the customers are really cool with us being there or at least I haven’t heard any comments about us. It is nice to have a place we can all go and feel safe and accepted. Some of the girls would like to try other places which would also be fun as trying new things is always good. It would also be cool if we could get things going on other nights when other girls might be able to get out. For me Fridays are the best but that may not work for others. Having more options is always better. Fridays and Wednesday night are our big nights with the group and a few even go out on Sunday night. I am not sure how late I will stay out Friday as I have to be up by 4 am Saturday, I am hoping to get to bed really early Thursday night so I can get extra sleep one of the reasons I am out tonight. If that works then I may try to make it till midnight.

The next two weeks will be busy with lots going on. Next week I hope to make it to Starbucks of course but then there will be my normal Friday night out, my manicure & pedicure Saturday and the our Super Bowl party Sunday. Lots of Susan time next week I hope. For the Super Bowl party I will bring a Vegetable tray, it gives me a chance to stop at the grocery store on my way over and pick it up. There should be a good turnout for the party as there will also be things to do for those who are not into football.

Well need to catch up on e-mails and do a little work before closing. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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