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Cold night at Starbucks

Well I wasn’t sure I would make Starbucks this week but I did which is nice as I so enjoy it.

Diva Las Vegas is only about 100 days away and they are starting to send out e-mail notices about every 2 weeks. A little timeline on the event, January 1 they opened up registration to those who have attended before, in the first week they had over 80 register. February 1 they will open registration for anyone who has signed up for the DLV announcement list. If you sign up for this it just puts you on the e-mail list and you will get all the information on events, hotels, and everything else going on. March 1 they will open registration for everyone. I think April 1 they will start doing signups for the different events. They are guessing right now that there will be 160 to 180 there would be cool if we could get more than that. It is a really fun week if you are looking to be out dressed.

Well as I said it is a cold night so going to Starbucks for something warm to drink and a little Susan time on the computer is just what I needed. It has still been really busy at work so any Susan time is great. Just a few hours out relaxing as Susan and I am calm and ready to take on the world again.

When I got to Starbucks not too many people were here but there was the group of ladies that seem to be here almost every week plus about 8 to 10 others. I really enjoy it when they are busy as it gives me a chance to people watch.

Tomorrow night our group will once again be out at the P-Club. It is our Friday night get together. We always have fun and usually have 10 to 20 there. The P-Club is a nice relaxing place to hang out with friends. We have talked about maybe trying another place every once in a while maybe on a Saturday night which I think could be fun. Saturdays are a little harder for me to get out on mainly because I can’t stay out as late as I can on Friday nights.

There is talk in the group about going out for dinner on a Saturday night which would be awesome as we would not be out to late. Maybe Who Songs and Larry’s or Henrys downtown Portland. We have been to both and always been to both places and always treated well. It is nice just to sit and have a relaxing dinner and good conversation with your friends.

We also have our Super Bowl Party coming up. A group of T-girls all watching football and cheering their teams on. Not something you see every day. We always have a great time though when we are together as a group. I think that is the key to being happy, having great friends.

Well must get to my e-mails and some work before Starbucks closes. I have decided I am going to really work on losing some weight as I really want to look good for Diva Las Vegas. I also need to start shopping for some new outfits not just for Diva Las Vegas but I need to expand my wardrobe. I will have to find time which may mean missing a few nights here at Starbucks.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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