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Well another busy week but found time for Starbucks.

Well it has been another incredibly busy week but was able to find a little time for Susan. It is amazing how calming and relaxing it is even if only for a couple hours. Just being able to step out of my daily male life is wonderful.

Well I didn’t get home till almost 5:30 tonight so I was not going to make my normal 7 pm start time. The funny thing is not worrying about it seemed to make getting ready easier and getting ready faster. I was headed out the garage at 6:55 and as I do go to a Starbucks about 20 minutes from my house I was there by 7:15. There were only a few cars at Starbucks when I got here so figured it would be a quiet night inside, boy was I wrong. There was only one table open and a line ordering so I skipped the line and went and put my computer at the table. Even this blonde can think ahead.

Well as I said they are busy so a good chance to do a little people watching. It is funny as I was talking to a friend about why I come to Starbucks and for me it is simple. It is more fun than just sitting at home as Susan. For many years it was all about just dressing up but once I got the courage to go out that is what I want to do. I spend a lot of time getting ready and I want to be seen just like any girls does. I can sit here and hear bits of other conversations around me and just play or do work on my computer. Tonight I actually have some work I have to do by Saturday so this is a good chance to get it done.

Well I just got done talking with Cassandra on the cell phone. She is planning on going to Diva Las Vegas this year if I do so I better start working on my boss to get that week off. We were looking online at room rates and the Imperial Palace has great rates right now. You can get a deluxe room for 6 nights through Friday night for $180 + tax which would make it about $200, be sure and click promotions as they give a 20% discount if you stay 2 or more night. That means if we share a room it would be $100 each for the week which fits into almost any ones budget. Now I stayed there last year and the hotel rooms are average but then you are just sleeping and dressing there. The only thing I would mark them down on were there slow elevators so when it is busy you can wait for an elevator. Not sure if Cassandra’s wife Peggy will go or not plus there are a couple other girls talking about going. If you are thinking of going this year to Diva Las Vegas April 22 to 27 you may want to book a room. Cassandra is booking the room; actually I think she may book 3 just in case other want to go as she can always cancel if others don’t go. I am really getting excited about it as they have opened registration for those who attended before. We are only a little over 3 months away.

Well tomorrow night I will be out with my friends at the P-Club again and Cassandra and I will talk more than about Diva Las Vegas. I hope we have a good turnout as it is always nice to have a big group plus I can work on some of them about going to Diva Las Vegas. Next week I hope to make a Starbucks night again maybe a different night. I will also have to start thinking about some serious shopping if I am going to Las Vegas. I also hope to finally use my free pedicure I won at the Halloween party as my toe nails really need help. I am thinking about a week from Saturday so I will have to talk to Roxy if she is there tomorrow.

Well really need to get a little work done now so I will be signing off. Thanks for reading if Las Vegas sounds fun check out Diva Las Vegas web page.


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