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The night before the night before Christmas at the P-Club

Well I kind of stole my blog title from a Hallmark Christmas movie I watched the other day about a young boy who wishes his family could have a real family Christmas together. I thought it was fitting as that is what our group had last night; our little family got together and had a wonderful time. Peggy baked Christmas Cookies and brought them for everyone and they were really good, Thanks Peggy. We even did a gift exchange, those who wanted brought a gift value was set at $3 but it wasn’t about the gift or the dollar amount it was the thought and the fun of giving. I think that is what makes Christmas so nice, sharing time with loved ones.

Well I took a little extra time getting ready tonight as for me the getting ready is so relaxing and just as much a part of being who I am. I know that may be hard for some to understand especially woman who have do their makeup every day and have for years but I look forward to the getting ready just as much. I guess it is kind of like an artist, they enjoy the creating of the painting as much as the finished painting. Now I realize if I was living full time and doing this every day I may have a little different look on it but probably not. Any way it was fun as I had the Christmas music playing which is probably why it took a little longer as I kept finding myself singing along.

Well I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and Cassandra, Peggy, Roxy and Chris were already there. It was nice to see Peggy out again. Peggy had spent the day baking Sugar cookies and decorating them. Each one were wrapped in plastic with a bow tied on, she must have spent all day doing this. She brought a big basket to give to all the girls there and had some left over, how sweet was this. What a wonderful gift idea and they were so good.

Well we all wondered how many would show up as it was 2 days before Christmas and people may still be out finishing their last minute Christmas shopping. It was probably about 8:30 when more of our group started to show up; in the end we had a good turnout. I am guessing 20 of us were there, some that come out all the time and some that only get out every once in a while. I off course ordered a salad for dinner again as I am still trying to eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight.

We had a new T-girl (Jennifer) from Northern California stop in, seems she had read my blog about going to the P-Club and since she was in the area she came by. It was nice to meet her and it turns out this was her first time out ever. She seemed pretty relaxed for her first time and she looked really good. I remember my first time out I was scared to death and probably looked like a kind playing with makeup. We all greeted her and had a great time talking with her. Hopefully she will be able to come back again and spend more time with us. It is funny how the internet has made such an impact on our lives; we can literally meet and talk with anyone in the world. As a matter of fact Google has a web page called Google translate and you can type something in and translate to almost any language so you can literally talk with anyone in any language.

It was a good night and I even played shuffle board, Peggy and I played Cassandra and Kathryn and then we played Cassandra and Cristine. We lost both games but had a lot of fun. The shuffle board table really needs to be cleaned and redone as there are spots that are so dry the puck just stops but as much as I would like to blame our losing one the table Cassandra was on a hot streak. She could do nothing wrong last night, I guess every once in a while the stars just line up right and last night was Cassandra’s night. She won every game she played be it shuffle board or pool.

It was now time to do our gift exchange; those who wanted to participate brought a wrapped gift of $3 as it was not the dollar amount but the thought behind it. When this was first brought up I thought how easy it would be to get a gift, maybe a little makeup or something like that but then I started thinking, I know I am blonde and should not think. We have some admirers that are male and might show up and participate so then I figured the gift should be gender neutral, well anyway I found this cute little candle in a glass jar with a little Santa hanging on the front and thought it was just perfect. Anyway we all drew numbers and then picked in order. When it was your turn you could pick a gift or take someone else’s, if you took someone else then they picked another gift. Barb who went first at the end got the choice of keeping hers or trading with someone else. It was so much fun, what a great idea Cassandra had. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed this.

We had a great time and I got a chance to talk with all my friends a little. What a wonderful night as I got to spend it with my friends. Christmas time can get so busy and it is easy to get caught up in it and lose track of what is important, people. Of all the presents I will get this year and in years past it is the people, friends and loved ones in our lives which are the best presents and greatest blessing in our live and all of you I have met either in person or on line I am thankful for. You are my most treasured present.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, may it be filled with love, joy and happiness.


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