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At Starbucks 3 nights before Christmas

Well it is December 22nd and Christmas is just 3 days away and I am already for it now. I have all my shopping done and can now sit back and relax which means a little Susan time at Starbucks. For some reason it seems Christmas came quicker this year so I was really rushing around more than normal so much so I didn’t even buy Susan a gift, well I did get this really cute cream color shawl wrap. Jessica let me borrow hers as I thought it was really cute. I was right as I wore it once and then just had to get one for me, thanks Jessica for letting me borrow it. I plan to do some shopping after Christmas for Susan. I also have a free pedicure I won at the Halloween party which I really need to use as my toe nails are looking pretty bad. Roxy one of the girls in our group is going to beauty school and Cassandra gave away some pedicures as prizes to help her out as she needs people to practice on.

I am sitting at Starbucks right now and they busy but a couple tables open which is nice, so much easier to be on my computer at a table. It really is relaxing to just sit here on my computer with a nice warm drink. I really can’t explain it but when I am Susan I just want to be out and about. It is funny as a few years back dressing up at home and just hanging out there was so much fun, I think it was mostly I was scared about going out especially by myself. It is amazing how much I have grown as Susan, even in the last couple years.

Even after I started going out I would usually get to where I was going and sit in the car for a while and check things out. See what is going on and who is going in and out before I would get out of my car. Now I pretty much just pull up and get out of the car and go in. Now there are times that I can feel a little uneasy or nervous but it is usually a matter of feeling safe instead of worried how I am dressed. I am sure there are times GG’s and even men feel this way so not just a T-Girl reaction. We live in a time that we all need to be mindful when we are out and as Susan I think I am a little extra a where of that.

Starbucks has slowed down now maybe 8 other people here so a little quiet but still a nice place to be. At the winter gala party I talked to Peggy and Kathy about maybe meeting for coffee one night but would need to be over in Portland I think as the Starbucks I go to is a long drive for them or maybe we could do a dinner again as that is always fun two. I think having a girls night out every once in a while is awesome, maybe even a movie night. The only bad part is I get up so early during the week for work I can’t stay out to late.

Well the rest of the year will be busy for me as I am working extra hours which are good as it is extra money but makes for a tired Susan. I will of course be out tomorrow night with my Friends at the P-club. Spending time with my friends is so much fun, I really believe if it was not for them and their support I would still be hiding in my house. Not sure how good of a turn out we will have as some may be out of town for Christmas.

Next week I should be able to make Starbucks as I should have every night open which almost never happens. Maybe even make an extra night for shopping. Next weekend will be busy also as I will be out on Friday and Saturday night. Saturday which is New Years Eve I just can’t miss even though I may not be able to stay out to late as I have to work New Years day, just not sure how early yet. I am hoping I don’t have to be to work till 7am but could be earlier which would suck. Last year I had to leave at 10 at least that was my goal. I think it was closer to 11 when I finally left the club.

Our group is really great as we are already working on designated drivers for New Years Eve. Several of the girls in the group including me do not drink so there is never a problem making sure everyone gets home safe. Wish I had the next day off so I could be one of the designated drivers as I want everyone to be safe. If you go out for New Years Eve please be safe and make sure you have a safe way home.

Well I guess I will sign off here. I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas than a Happy Holiday.

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