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Friday night with friends

Well it was Friday night and of course I was going out with my friends again. Always so much fun and I look forward to it all week. I got there about 7:15 and Cassandra and Chris were already there so I joined them. Nicole one of the bar tenders brought me my drink without me even having to order it which I guess makes me a regular there as we have been going there every Friday night for a year in a half now.

Victoria showed up at 7:30 and joined us; I think this is now how our Friday night starts as we have showed up in this order now for the last several weeks. Maybe next Friday I will try to get my fanny moving a little earlier and see if I can get there before Cassandra and Chris just to mix it up a little.

Any way I went up and ordered dinner and yes I did order a salad again as I am trying to be good and watch what I eat. It was funny as Nicole asked if I wanted the chicken basket which is what I usually order. I guess it is good to mix it up every once in a while.

Jim showed up, he had met Cassandra several years back and is supportive of T-Girls, what we call an admirer. He is very nice and respectful to all the girls. He has come out a few times with the group before so knows several of us. Bob also showed up, another admirer. We met Bob at Easy street about a year ago and he also seemed to like hanging out with us plus he like to play pool so he fits right in with some of the girls. He use to come out all the time with us but for the last few months we have not seen him so it was good to chat with him and catch up.

Well my salad arrived and it was huge, I think even bigger than last week. It was hard to eat without knocking some off the plate but it was really good and a lot healthier than what I use to eat. Funny as I cut the salad up with my knife so it would be easier to eat without messing up my lipstick or getting dressing on my face. My male side would have just shoved it in my mouth and wiped any dressing on my face away but we must eat more like a lady when out as Susan. It still amazes me that I think of these things, napkins, small bites, careful not to make a mess or spill anything, they have become so second nature when I am Susan that I don’t even think of them. At some point they will slip into my male life I know. As a matter of fact Friday at work there was a Christmas song playing and I started to sing along with it when I realized I was singing in my Susan voice, softer and higher, no one was near me so no one noticed but wow that could be hard to explain.

Victoria and I Played Cassandra and Kathryn in Shuffle board, it was a good night for shuffle board as Victoria and I won 3 games in a row against them so we were undefeated. The last game was pretty close as we were all tied up at 20 and the next score won. It was a lot of fun.

Jamie was also there which is nice, she has been going to school and working full time so been very busy and not able to get out much so it was great to talk with her and find out what is new with her. She is also a really good pool player as she has played in some pool tournaments, in her male self of course. So she can keep up with Cassandra at pool.

Wilma was also there, she came a little late. She usually rides with Cassandra but tonight took the bus to get there, she rode home with Cassandra though. It is nice to see her out; she is working again so her time to get out is also limited. We had a nice chat and then she broke out her chess set so we could play. It really is funny as I think this get more people’s attentions then we do as T-Girls. You don’t often see people playing chess in a club and then to have two T-Girls playing chess is really rare. The first game was really good and I felt I played really well. I won this game and really made no mistakes and neither did Wilma. It was just a really good game. The second one was just as good and in the end I had a slight piece lead and was only 2 moves from winning again but Wilma was able to keep putting me in check so I couldn’t make my moves and in the end she checkmated me with just her queen and knight. It was a really good game. I may have to find a chess program for my computer so I can practice.

The night was so much fun and before I knew it, it was 12:30, I don’t know where the time went but tonight it seemed to go by way faster. It was a fun night with about 15 of us there. I am already looking forward to next Friday night.

This week again will be busy with Christmas coming up, turns out the only night I may be able to get out to Starbucks will be Thursday and only if I can finish up my Christmas shopping. Seems my male side is not as excited about shopping as Susan is. Maybe next year I will let Susan do all my Christmas shopping for me.

Any way I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and reading.



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  1. Hi Susan,

    Great that you all had a super time. We are almost ready for Xmas, Jay is making sausage rolls and cheese finger as I type – the smells wafting through the house are gorgeous. The eldest two arrive this afternoon, so if I don’t get time later – I hope you have a wonderful Xmas and a super 2012.

    Hugs, Anna xx

    Comment by Anna Arendt | December 22, 2011 | Reply

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