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Friday night at P-Club watching football.

Well Friday night and another chance to go out and have fun with all my friends. I chose to wear my beige sweater dress; funny thing is I bought this maybe 2 years ago along with a grey one. The funny thing is when I ordered them online the beige looked so much better on the model but on me I like the grey better. Well the first night wore the grey dress Cassandra showed up in the beige one; turns out we had bought the same dress the same week. Well anyways I have never worn it out with the group for fear Cassandra would wear it the same night. Well tonight I decided to wear it as it is a little warmer and it is really cold outside. Luckily Cassandra did not wear hers.

Well I got to the P-Club about 7:15 and the parking lot was full but there was one spot on the street in front of the door, it was a tight fit but I have a small car. Well I walked in and the P-Club was really busy but Cassandra, Chris and Victoria had our usual table so I went and joined them, when I sat down I was able to see the TV’s above the bar and they all had the Oregon Duck game on, the winner of the game goes to the Rose Bowl game so a lot on the line. This is why the club was so busy as everyone was there to watch the game and most had on Duck shirts, hat or their colors. Now I am not a big football fan, male or female but it was fun watching the game with my friends. The crowd was really into the game and really anything other than what was on TV didn’t matter to them. The one bad thing is they were really shorthanded as I don’t think the P-Club planned on it being that busy. I had to stand in line to order my drink and food, poor Nicole she was working her tail off, running the bar and taking food to the tables.

Well the game was good and the Oregon Ducks won but not by as much as they were favored so they will be in the Rose Bowl game this year. Once the game was over about half the people left and then things quieted down. We had a pretty good turnout about 12 of us in all. Some of the girls played pool and the rest of us just sat around and talked. Strangely enough none of us played shuffle board which is really unusual.

Teresa called on Cassandra’s cell phone to talk with the group. She is in Thailand and had her SRS surgery a day ago. It was nice to talk with her and hear how she is doing. She sounded really well and didn’t seem to be in much pain but I am sure she has some good medication she is on. She used Skype and I guess you can call computer to computer or even to a phone number. Not really sure how it works but it seemed to work fine.

Later a couple girls came up and played shuffle board and I could see they didn’t know how to play as they were at opposite ends of the table. I went over and explained how to play and how the scoring went. We chatted for a few minutes and they thanked me for my help. The rest of the evening was quiet.

It was another late night; Victoria and I were the last 2 to leave at 1:45 am. It was a really fun night again, I really am lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends.

Saturday night the group is going to Harvey’s comedy club again, not sure at this point how many of us are going as the numbers keep changing but I will be there and who ever goes we will have a wonderful time. I know Jan & her wife Lynn will be there along with Cassandra and her wife Peggy, also Trisha and her wife Jessica, I may be the only single girl going so I may be the odd girl.

Next week I will of course go to Starbucks on Thursday night, the P-Club on Friday and our winter Gala on Saturday so next week will be a busy week for Susan. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by and reading.


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