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Relaxing night as Susan

Well it has been a busy week again for me, I had hoped to get out as Susan and do some shopping Tuesday evening but that didn’t happen. Even tonight I probably should have stayed home and caught up on things but I so enjoy my Susan time and it really does relax me so I figure why not go out for a couple hours.

This week will be a fun week for me as I will get out 3 times, tonight for some quiet time and then Friday with my friends at the P-Club and Saturday at Harvey’s Comedy club as we got some more tickets. Right now we have 13 going for sure and a few more maybes.

Well I got to Starbucks a little after 7 and again they were really busy, no tables open so had to sit in the big chairs up front. These chairs are not the greatest for being on your computer as you have to hold your computer in your lap. I am not good typing on my computer that way, I much prefer a table. There was also just one chair open in the corner. I was getting out my computer when the young man across from me asked if I had an iPad. I told him no and we actually chatted for a few minutes. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by me which was cool, I always wonder though if people talk to me to hear my voice to confirm what they are probably already thinking. I always wonder what people are thinking and just not saying. I really think most people don’t really care because I never see them get up and leave.

Well about a ½ hour after I got here a table opened up so I picked up all my stuff and moved to the table which is right in the middle amongst all the people here. Strangely enough it is almost all woman tonight, 3 men and 13 woman not counting me. The tables across from me have 4 women at it and they are here every time I am here on Thursday nights so I guess we have the same routine.

It is funny how things work out, normally Saturday nights are hard for me to get off so I can go out. This week I had thought about going shopping Saturday morning before work but turns out I need to have some work done on my car and the only opening was the afternoon so because of that I got someone to trade me my shift Saturday night and now I can go to Harvey’s with my friends. It is always such a fun night when we have a big group of girls go there and they really treat us well which is also nice.

Next Saturday Kathy and Mandie are hosting there 2nd annual winter Gala at their home. They did this last year and it was such a fun night. This year it is a formal dress which will be fun as I have the long evening dress I bought for the T-girl pageant. I haven’t worn it since then so I guess I should get it out and try it on to make sure it still fits me. Would be horrible if it didn’t fit and I had to go buy another dress.

It will be interesting to see how many girls come out this Friday and next as when we have things going on Saturday nights some girls stay in on Friday. I think it is because they can only get one night as I know I had that problems, to get Saturday nights off meant giving up Friday nights but right now I am able to make both nights work. It is so cool some of the girls are able and willing to open there homes for parties for our group. You have to wonder what their neighbors think when they see nothing but woman walking down the street and going into their homes and mostly big, tall girls in heels and dresses. It would be interesting to be a fly on their wall. I hope Cassandra and Peggy, and also Kathy and Mandie know how much we all appreciate them doing these parties. They have started asking for a $15 donation when you come in but when you see the food and drinks they have and the decorations and effort they put into these parties $15 is way to cheep, I bet it doesn’t even cover a third of the cost.

Well I must get to some of my work that I should have done tonight instead of going out as Susan. I will again post this weekend after going out Friday night and also Saturday. Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Susan

    Always an interesting read. I’m glad you were able to chat to the ‘young man’; I think the young worry less (in general) about others and are happy to relate to anyone. You are very lucky to have the Winter Gala to go to and you just have such a great group of friends.

    A couple of quick questions:
    Do you ever dress at home? I mean when you don’t go out.
    You have so many Susan friends. Do you have many ‘drab’ friends (teehee it is cruel to call them that!) and do you have family closeby
    I was just wondering whether you ever had issues with family, drab friends or workmates asking what you do every Weekend!
    I really never quite know what to tell my family when I am away on a night or weekends dressing that is all.

    You can answer in a blog if you like!!

    Hugs Tina x


    Comment by TinaCortina | December 2, 2011 | Reply

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