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Finally out again at Starbucks.

Well it has been two weeks since I have had a chance to be Susan and I was ready. It is amazing how much I miss this part of my life when I don’t have the chance to express this side of me.

Well Diva Las Vegas have set the dates for 2012, it will be Sunday, April 22 thru Friday, April 27 2012. I am already looking forward to it. It is such a fun event, I would encourage you all to check it out and think about going. I am working hard to talk some of my friends here in the group to go so we could have our own little group of girls at Diva Las Vegas.

Well as I said I have been very busy but now things are settling down and should be able to get back to my one midweek and Friday nights out with my friends. Funny as I could go out tomorrow, Friday night but none of the group is going out as they all plan on being out Saturday for the big Halloween Party Cassandra and Peggy are putting on. They do such an awesome job and are so wonderful to open there home for this each year. We get some T-girls that never go out to show up. The last 2 years I think they have had between 80 and a 100 there, not all at the same time. One has to wonder what their neighbors think, even if it is to dark to tell we are T-girls they have to wonder why 80 to 95 women show up and only 3 or 4 men. Either way they must think it is an interesting party.

I have a cute costume that I rented for Saturday, I will pick up tomorrow so I may just try it on and do a couple different makeup looks Friday night to see what looks best for the party. It will give me something to do and some Susan time although it would be at home but after 2 weeks of no Susan that is okay.

I am looking forward to seeing all the great costumes. They have prizes for the costume and other thing. I think they are even having Karaoke again this year. I may sing again this year. I did last year and that is no small feat as I don’t drink so I sing cold sober. It is fun and maybe someday I can work up the courage to do Karaoke in a public setting.

Anyway Starbucks a little quiet now compared to when I got here. There were lots of people here and made for good people watching something Susan likes to do. Now there are very few people in here.

Wow there is a lady I use to work with about 10 years ago ordering coffee at the counter. We were good friends for a few years till she moved away to Atlanta. We lost touch and I had no idea she had moved back. She has her back to me so I think I am safe. She is now sitting by the doors on her cell phone now and there are two police officers now at the counter getting coffee. Wow they are getting busy here again. I hope she leaves before they close as I don’t want to have to walk out the same time she does.

Well I need to get to my e-mail now so will close now, plan on stopping at the grocery store on my way home and doing some shopping. Then home to bed. Wow lots of people coming in now there are about 6 people in line. I guess everyone wants something before they close. Okay she just got up and left. She was only here for about 10 minutes and didn’t seem to notice me. Well a fun night. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Susan, I’m looking forward to meeting you finally on Saturday! I will be going as Alice in Wonderland. We’ll see how many others come as Alice. This may be the only party where there is a potential of multiple male Alice’s that are over 6′ tall! See you Saturday! I’m looking forward to meeting Cassandra as well!

    Jenn C.

    Comment by Jenn C. | October 27, 2011 | Reply

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