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Dinner out with friends

Well tonight Susan went out for dinner with some friends. A while back I got together with Peggy for dinner and we had a great time and talked about doing it again so tonight was the night. We were both able to make it tonight and even Cassandra was able to make it so we decided to have dinner at Who Song & Larry’s, they have good food and the two times I have been there as Susan I was treated awesome. It is also pretty close to where I live so easy for me to get there, little farther for Peggy & Cassandra. We were going to meet there at 6:30 so I left my house a little after 6 and was there 15 minutes later. We had perfect timing as I was just getting ready to get out of my car when Cassandra and Peggy arrived.

They also brought Kathy which was a wonderful surprise as it has been quite a while since I have seen her as she does not get out much, she is Mandie’s wife. Mandie had to work tonight so she joined us. Who Song and Larry’s was a little busy as tonight was Taco Tuesday, .99 cent tacos and happy hour goes till 10. We got a table right in the main room next to the taco bar were you go and they make your taco fresh to order and then you put what you want on it.

They have wonderful chips and salsa to snack on which I could almost make a meal just on that. We sat around and talked for a while before we ate which was nice, just 4 ladies enjoying a little conversation. The staff was awesome as every time they came to check on us they always referred to us as ladies. We got a couple looks but they were brief and then they went back to whatever they were doing and paid us no more attention.

We talked about everything and even Diva Las Vegas this next year. I am definitely planning on going again. Cassandra is also planning on going and Peggy should have some vacation time so she also wants to go. We are trying to talk Kathy into going and bringing Mandie. There are also several other girls in the group who have said they want to go so it could be we might have 6 to 8 of us going next year. That would be such a blast.

It was a really enjoyable evening and our waitress was awesome and would stop and chat with us a little, even the girl making the tacos came over a few times and talked with us. It started when we asked what the cheese was they had. It was a Mexican cheese and that led to Cassandra and Kathy trying to speak Spanish to her which was interesting in itself. My Spanish is very small, a few numbers and a couple words at best. Cassandra even asked about bring some of the group and our waitress said it would be fine just call ahead and they would make sure there was a big table for us. That would be so fun if we could get a Tuesday night dinner group to go there once or twice a month. Good food, great price on Tuesday and awesome staff working there.

Well the time flew by; I think we left a little after 8:30. It did not seem like we had been there 2 hours. It was a fun night, and I hope we can do this again soon. Well it was time to pay our bills; our waitress brought us all separate checks so I got to use my Susan credit card. I left a good tip for the awesome service and we all through some money in the tip jar for the girl cooking the tacos as she also was so nice.

As we left there was a guy outside looking for someone with jumper cables and he asked us, but neither of us had cables. Then he asked what the occasion was and we all just smiled and said it was taco Tuesday. He smiled and said that worked for him and wished us a good night. We said our goodbyes and off we went. It was an awesome night and so glad that Cassandra, Peggy and Kathy could join me for dinner, you girls rock.

Well I plan on going to Starbucks Thursday night and then it will be at least a week before I get out again. This is a busy month but I have my Halloween costume taken care of so I am good.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.



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