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Why do we crossdress or do anything for that matter.

I was reading another blog the other day and in the blog she had wrote about searching for crossdressing blogs and then when you get to the blog finding out it hasn’t been updated in some cases for years and how frustrating that was to her. This got me thinking why we do what we do the things we do. To me it came down to three things, it is either a routine, a need or a want. And this goes pretty much for whatever we do in life. In the case of the blog it all depends on why one starts a blog and what their goal is with it.

It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas to write about so if that was your goal for your blog well you may not have things to say. When this happens to me I always go back to why I started my blog in the first place. my blog is for me, not that I don’t want or like others reading it I really do and I love the feedback and comments I get, but the goal of my blog was really an online diary of my time as Susan for me to keep track of my time out, places I went and people I have met. Now I will be the first to admit that a lot of my posts are pretty similar, after all how much can one write about going to Starbuck’s once a week, but it fits with my reason for the blog? If I only posted new things and wonderful insight into crossdressing and gender issues I would have very few posts.

Let’s start with doing things because of routines. This can be good or bad as most things are. You have to look at the things you are doing and see if  your doing it because of routine is good or bad. In the morning I have the same routine, get up eat breakfast, shower, shave, brush my teeth moisturize my face (very important as it keeps me young looking), get dressed and leave. The good point of this is doing it the same way I never forget something and really don’t have to think about it which is good in the morning when you are still sleepy. I also have a routine for how I do my makeup and become Susan; these are good routines to have. I also have a routine of going out Friday nights with my friends. This is something I really look. The bad part of this routine is when I miss a Friday night I am sad as it throws my whole week off as my friends are such an important part of my life.

Now let’s talk need. We all need things in life, food, money, clothes (in my cased male and female clothes), and place to live. I also have a need to be Susan as she is part of me part of who I am. I could no easier give Susan up than I could any of the other things listed above. This is something a lot of people don’t understand. Who we are is made up of everything about us. My views on life, stress, the way I interact with people, the way I treat others is all based on who I am inside and that is both male and female. Now for comparison let’s look at athletes, take a runner for example. I have several friends who run all the time; you could almost call it a religious thing for them. It is part of their routine, on the days they don’t run they are distracted and don’t focus. It is funny as some days just from how the act I can tell they didn’t get their morning run in. they also have a need to run, after all why would anyone get up an hour early every day and go out running in the cold, wet snowy weather. Their need shapes who they are just like my crossdressing. The need can be mental or physical. For me I sleep way better the nights after I have crossrdessed as I am so relaxed. The longer I go without crossdressing the more I think about it which is distracting as I don’t focus on things I need to do, also at night when I try to go to sleep I am thinking about crossdressing and when, if I will get to dress again which makes it hard to clear my mind and get a good night sleep.

Now let’s talk want. For me I want to crossdress, I like it, it is fun and I enjoy it. No one does things they don’t want to for very long. Being Susan is part of my life’s routine, Susan is a need I have but she is also something I want for my life. Again runners want to run, they like it, they like the way it feels and makes them feel. Let’s talk smoking now, I don’t smoke so the only information I have is friends who do and it is funny because as bad as smoking is for you it fits into these three categories too. I have asked some of them why they smoke and guess what it is a habit something they just do without thinking (routine). There is an addiction to the chemicals in the cigarettes (need). In most cases they like smoking, then look, feel, or feeling they get from it (want). Now like anything the only way to stop is removing one or all three of these things. My friends that have quit smoking successfully the key was they wanted to quit. Stopping anything because someone else want you to or tells you to will not work the only way you can stop something is if it is what you want.

I like being Susan, it doesn’t harm anyone, and it really doesn’t affect anyone else. It is something I do for myself. I love having pretty painted toe nails. I love the styles of clothes woman get to wear and also the shoes. I love makeup from the putting it on and doing different looks to just wearing it. I love long hair but as a guy for work I can’t have my hair long. I don’t want to be a woman full time and would never want to physically change my body but yes I would dress this way more if I had the chance. If it suddenly became accepted for men to have long pretty nails I would be the first in line to get acrylic nails and they would be painted and pretty all the time. If guys could wear dresses and no one would think twice about it I would wear dresses and skirts most days as I think they look better and are more comfortable to me. It is all just personal choice. I am sure there are a number of woman out there (I dated one for awhile) that hate dresses, and heel. Why it is okay for a woman to hate dresses and heels and no one wonders about them but if a guy likes these same thing they think he is strange.

Personal freedom and choice is what this country is all about. We are made up of different religions, races, beliefs and yet we all accept these things about each other but boy let a guy put on a dress or makeup and the world will end. I just don’t understand it. Now I am not saying you have to like the same things I do or even do the things I do. Just please accept me for me and not how I look or dress.

The last thing is a question for all of you who might read this. If one of your best friends or a family member suddenly told you they were a crossdresser, how would it affect your friendship or relationship with them? Now before you answer I know there will be an effect and it will change a little but would it end your friendship or could you stay friends with them?


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  1. Hi Susan,

    I think you are so right in everything you’ve written. It irks me that boys can’t crossdress without comments, as girls do, but that won’t change for a long time i guess. It’s nice to read your blog, to read about happy and nice things in the world. I hope you keep wanting to do it, and spread all that enjoyment around.

    Have fun, hugs Anna.

    Comment by Anna Arendt | October 9, 2011 | Reply

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