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Relaxing night at Starbuck’s

Well it has been a busy summer but now it is starting to slow down which should allow me to get back to going out twice a week. It is amazing when I think back a few years when I was lucky to get out a couple times a year and I was fine with that thinking wow how great is this. Now if I miss one week I feel the stress start to build. There is nothing worse than planning on going out and then at the last minute something comes up and you have to cancel your plans. This seems to have happened more this summer for me.

Well the weather today was just perfect as it got to about 73 and for me that is awesome. Warm enough to go out without a coat in my summer cloths and not hot enough to melt my face off. That is probably the hardest thing for me as I really do have to use a lot more makeup than I would like to cover my male face and as such when it is hot I sweat more and that makes my makeup look patchy at best and may even run and leave streaks.

Well I started getting ready earlier as I wanted to enjoy every minute tonight. I got to Starbuck’s right at 7 which is when I was meeting Melissa there. We text and e-mail each other but the last time I saw her I think was the last Friday of July. She was already there and she has a new hair cut. It looks cute but I liked her better with longer hair. That is the one thing both Susan and my male self have in common we like long hair. It was nice to sit and chat for a while and catch up.

Starbucks was not that crowded tonight which is nice in some ways. The fact Melissa was here to talk with I really didn’t do a lot of people watching. On busy nights it is fun to check out the people coming in and leaving. I can check out what the other girls are wearing and get ideas for what I could wear.

Melissa only could stay till about 8:30 before she had to leave, but still nice she came out for a while. Now I have 30 minutes to update my blog so it will be a short one tonight. I will be out Friday again with my friends at the P-Club so I have that to look forward to. I also need to go grocery shopping so on my way home tonight I will stop at the store which will allow me a little more time out as Susan.

Diva Las Vegas has set the tentative dates for 2012, March 25 thru March 30, April 22 thru April 30 and April 29 thru May 4. I really want to go again this year and am going to plan on it but my work may be a problem but I am going to stay positive. If you have never gone you should think about it as it is so much fun, check out their web page.


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