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Smaller group Friday night at the P-Club.

Well Friday night was here and for the first time in 4 weeks I was going to make it to the P-Club. I have really been looking forward to this for days as it has been so long since I was out with my friends. Now going so long w between going out with them made the night a little more intense. What I mean by this is normally when I go out with them I will come home from work and shower, and then I pick out an outfit to wear and do my makeup. Now this week I started thinking about what I would wear on Wednesday and I probably changed my mind on outfits a dozen times. Even Friday while I was in the shower I again changed my mind on what I was going to wear. You would think I was going on a first date or something.

Well I wanted to look cute and also a little summery as we have been having really nice warm weather for the last week, summer finally got here. I settled on my white skirt and purple tank top. You can see the outfit on my flickr page as it is what O wore golfing 2 years ago at Diva Las Vegas. The skirt is probably my favorite skirt as there is just something I love about a white skirt that I think looks so cute and of course I wore my heels. I even spent extra time doing my makeup as I wanted to look perfect. Funny how much more effort and thought goes into being Susan then my male self. Ladies out there this is why you should date a crossdresser. We know how long it takes to look pretty and will never give you a hard time or say what is taking so long to get ready, just a little side note.

Well doing my makeup I took a little more time as I really wanted my eyes to pop. I also had a new blush as I used up the last of the one I had been using going to Starbucks the night before. Any way this proved a little problem as although it looked close to what I had it really had more of a color to it and the more I tried to blend the brighter it got. I wiped some off with a tissue and even put on some more powder to tone it down. It took me almost 2 hours from the time I stepped into the shower till Susan was heading out the door. As I have said before I enjoy the whole experience of Susan even getting ready so when I have the time I like to spend the time getting ready, it relaxes me.

Well in the car going to the P-Club it was so bright with the sun out and I was checking my makeup at a traffic light in the mirror and wow there was that blush again, in the bright light it was really noticeable. It was a good thing I was going to be inside a club where the light is not as bright. Not sure this blush will work for day time. I will have to play with and see if I can get it to work better.

Well I got to the P-Club at 7:30 and went in. the only one from our group that was there was Chris so I joined him and ordered diner as I was hungry. The two of us talked and wondered how many would show up. We have as couple of our main members out of town on vacation and with being close to the end of summer vacation figured we may have fewer members out. Well soon a few more showed up, Norma, Bobby, Samantha, Robin, Cristine Rose, Cassie, Brooke and Christine. The good thing about a smaller group is I can remember everyone who was there.

We all chatted for a while and caught up on things. It is funny as some of our group really likes to go to clubs that they can dance the night away and although the P-Club does have a dance floor not a lot of people dance here so I think that is also a reason for a lower turnout. For me it is not so much where we go as the people who are there. What I want is to spend the evening with my friends and where we are is not as important.

The P-Club was really slow and for a while I thought our group and maybe 8 others would be all that was there. About 10:30 people started to come in and by 11 pm the club was really busy. Both pool tables were going so we played some shuffle board. Almost every table was full and even the bar was packed. You had to stand in line to get a drink. It was nice to see them this busy as it tells me our group can go someplace and have fun and not be a problem to the other customers.

Well by 12:30 some of our small group started to leave and by 1:15 it was down to just Robin, Brooke and me. So it was time to call it a night. I paid my bill and left. Strange that so many nights our group would leave at 1:30 and we were the last ones at the club but last night they were still packed when we left.

It was a fun night and great to see some of my friends after so many weeks, what a great way to start the weekend. I am already looking forward to next Friday night. I think that is the key to being happy is to always have something to look forward to, my little helpful tip of the week. Find something you enjoy and do it. No matter what is wrong in your life having something to look forward too, to plan for, to think about will make you happy.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.


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