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Another long week but made it to Starbuck’s tonight

Well it has been another long week with many hours for Susan’s male side. I wasn’t even sure I would make it out as I have been getting home late every day this week. Susan needed to be out so even though I did not make it to Starbuck’s till 7:30 tonight I figured even 1 ½ hours was better than nothing. It is funny that on my way home I was so tired and the last thing I was thinking about was getting dressed up as Susan and going out but once I got home and sat down for a few minutes then I started thinking about it and then it was all decided. I was all ready by a little after 7 and on my way. On the way down the freeway there was a big wreck which slowed down traffic a lot. I thought about stopping to see if I could help but there was already about 8 cars stopped to help and one police officer there so not much I could have done but this leads to one question that has always bothered me, and that is does being Susan hurt anyone else.

Now I love being Susan and she is a big part of me and although there really wasn’t much more I could have done had I stopped had I been in my boy mode I would have stopped without hesitation and the only reason I didn’t was I was Susan. Now I honestly believe had there been no one else there I would have stopped and gave aid even as Susan but this is one of the things I that has always made me wonder about this side of my life. Well just a little rambling on my part.

Starbuck’s was a little busy when I got here, there were 5 people ahead of me in line, 2 with computers so I played it safe and got a table first and set up my computer and then went and stood in line. Good thing I did as everyone in front of me went and found a place to sit so I would have once again been in the chairs up front by the doors with no table to sit at. I think some of the people in front of me wish they had thought of that. Anyway I tried a new drink tonight a strawberry smoothie. It was almost 90 today and the thought of something hot just wasn’t what Susan wanted. It was a little more expensive but really good and as it has fruit in it I figure it is healthier for me and has fewer calories than my normal drink. I think I surprised the girl behind the counter as she had already wrung up my normal drink. I guess I was getting to predictable so I need to mix it up a little.

Last week after I left Starbuck’s I stopped at Albertsons and did some much needed grocery shopping. Was only in the store for maybe 30 minutes but it extended my Susan time and I found even grocery shopping as Susan is more fun. I may start doing all my grocery shopping this way.

I was looking back over this month and hard to believe I have only made it out twice so far. I think that is the lowest amount of time for Susan in several years. Now I will be out again tomorrow night with all my friends at the P-Club as I can’t miss a 4th Friday in a row. Now that will give me 3 times this month so I really think I am going to try for next Tuesday at Starbucks as that is the last day of August and would give me 4 nights out this month. Looking back at my blog the last time I made it out so few times was September of 2009. It is fun to be able to look back and see what I have done over. This was why I originally started my blog as a record for myself that was not on my computer, that way if someone got on my computer they would not find out about Susan. I never really thought others would read but I am so glad you do. It gives me the chance to write more like I am talking to others. This makes my writing so much more fun and I think has actually improved my writing skills.

Well must close for tonight. Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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  1. Hi Susan
    Just a quick comment to say I am still here and usually try to read you when I can. Interesting thoughts about whether you should stop and help as Susan. My thinking is you should just follow your instincts. They are usually right. Glad you managed to get out. I have something planned end of October for Halloween, maybe I will find something else, but I did manage an at home night with my wife last week. Still busy though.
    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | August 26, 2011 | Reply

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