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Fun night with friends.

Well it is Friday again and Susan was once again out with her friends. This week has been long and hard with lots of issues at work so I was ready for a relaxing night with my friends. I got home a little earlier than normal so I had extra time to get ready which is always so enjoyable, now yes I can always take the extra time and just get to the P-Club a little later but I so like my time out that I want to enjoy every minute of it. Anyway I started getting ready at 5 pm this week giving me a full 2 hours; it is so nice and relaxing to just take your time while getting ready. It really sets the mood for the while evening.

I was ready to leave right at 7 pm so I looked out my window and saw no one and my neighbor still was not home so there is the chance I could run into her while driving down the street as she gets home anywhere from 6:45 to 7:15 but I was not willing to wait as Susan wanted out. Didn’t have to worry as I drove away and did not run into her so glad I did not wait.

I got to the P-club and went in; only Cristine and Bobby were there. Now I figured it would be a slow night as Cassandra and her wife are on vacation and it seems when she is gone the amount of the group that comes out dwindles as she really can get the group active as she has such a friendly outgoing personality that just attracts people. Well we ordered dinner while we waited to see who else would show up. About 15 minutes later Robin got there and the 4 of us ate dinner and just talked and for a while it looked like it would just be the 4 of us.

A little before 9 Kristy and Samantha showed up. Kristy is new to the group and only her second time out with the group so it was nice she could make it plus I got to talk to her more and get to know her better. One of the advantages of having a smaller turnout on a Friday. They joined us and we sat there all talking about different things. It is strange how as Susan I can just sit around and chat and have so much fun but as my male self I want to be doing something, I guess Susan is just a more laid back relaxed person which is so wonderful.

Cindy came over and asked if she could join us, she is a GG we met there when we first started coming to the P-club. She is there most Fridays as she love to dance and her husband works late so she will come there and dance. She joined right in with our conversation which at this point was on heels; turns out she does not really like to wear them. Cindy wanted to play pool so she and I played a game. Neither one of us will ever make a living shooting pool but we had fun. I won the first game and she won the second so it was a draw. Well by this time the music was playing and off she went to the dance floor. But it was nice to spend a little time with her.

I went back and joined Robin, Kristy and Samantha at the table and we continued our conversation. Kristy brought her camera and wanted some pictures so she went and posed by the pinball machines and I took a couple pictures of her. From what I could see they turned out pretty good, she will post them to the group I am sure as what t-girl does not like to have pictures of them all pretty and having fun. By now our group had got a little bigger as Jan, Lynn and Cassie had shown up so we were spread across 3 tables now.

Danielle even showed up which was so nice. She has been in town since the middle of May and is here living full time as Danielle while she thinks about transitioning. She will be leaving us this Sunday to go back home to Arizona. It was so nice to meet her and she is such a wonderful person I am sure everyone in the group will miss her. I was glad she could make it so we could all say goodbye. We all wished her the best of luck whatever she decides and told her we hope she can come back to Portland every once in a while. She gave me her e-mail address so we can keep in touch and maybe when I go to Diva Las Vegas next year we can get together as she does not live that far from Las Vegas, yes we did all talk about Diva Las Vegas again. I just had so much fun the last two years and think it would be great to have a group of us all go down for it.

So in all we had 10 from our group there which was a low turnout but still a lot of fun and when you look back a year or two we would have loved to have 10 show up on one night. It was a fun night as we were all there together. By midnight some of the group started to leave and by 12:30 we were down to just Cassie, Jan, Lynn and I and as it had been a long day we all decided it was time to call it a night. This was early for me as normally it is closer till 2 when I leave but it would be nice to get to bed a little earlier as I was really tired.

The next 2 weeks will be very busy as this coming week I work later hours so my not be able to make Starbucks and the following week I have to work many many hours so that week it will be tough to even get any Susan time so may be my last post for a while. I still hope that I will be able to find some time but will be last minute if I do so I won’t have the fun of planning it. Strange when I know I will be out as Susan the day or two before just the thinking about it has a calming effect on me that is what will truly be missing because I know I will find sometime over the next two weeks to be Susan.

Have a Great Week and thanks for reading.


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