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P-Club on Friday night with my friends.

Well it has been a long and busy week for this girl but didn’t realize how much till Friday. I got off work a little early because of some extra hours I have been putting in so I was home by 3 instead of my normal 4:30 which was great. I had some time to relax and watch a little TV before getting ready. Anyway I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. Next thing I knew the national news was on and when I looked at my watch it was almost 6 pm, I guess the long hours and short nights caught up with me. Anyway I was up off the couch and on my way to get ready for my night out with my friends. I wanted to be able to leave before 7 so I would not run the chance of meeting my neighbor on the street like a couple weeks ago. I know I can get ready in an hour or less if I have too but this being a Friday night and going to a club with my friends always takes a little longer as I do more with my makeup.

Well it was just a little after 7 when I was ready to leave; I did a Smokey eye look which I have been trying to get better at. I am still not great at it but I think this was my best looking attempt so far. I looked out the window to see if my neighbor was home but she wasn’t so I knew there was the chance we would run into each other on the street. It is only about 3 blocks that I go before I can turn off as I live almost at the end of a dead-end street. Well Susan wanted to be out so I figured if we passed each other and she saw me well that was how it was meant to be so I got in my car and off I went and there were no problems as I did not run into my neighbor.

I got to the P-club just before 7:30 and the parking lot was packed but I found my parking spot on the street right in front of the door. Inside they were not that busy. Cassandra, Chris, Charlene, Melissa, Heather and Kristen were all there so I felt like I was late guess the nice weather just got everyone moving earlier. Well I went and got a drink and ordered dinner, the regular girls that work there had the night off but Isaac who has been there working Friday nights for the last few month was there and also Gina who normally works Saturday through Tuesday so it was the first time I have met her. They are both just as nice as the others who work there.

Melissa had a new dress, a long purple dress and it was gorgeous. She was so proud of the dress and showed it to everyone. She really looked pretty and was always smiling. She is a lot of fun to hang out with. Melissa joins me at Starbucks every once in a while and we have a fun night just sitting there talking. This next week I can go out almost every night so I hopefully I can pick a night Melissa can make it.

Heather who is a tall GG 5’11” but her height fits her well she wore 4″ heels which she never does because she is so tall. Well I was standing next to her and we were the same height as I chose 3″ heels for the night. It was nice to be eye to eye to a GG as it made me feel like I didn’t stand out so much. I should have gotten a picture with her. Well maybe she will wear them again and I will think to get a picture.

Maya showed up as Maya this week, turns out she didn’t get the job she interviewed for. I had really hoped she would get it as she cut her hair really short for the interview. Anyway Robin and I played against Maya and Amy in shuffle board. They took a quick lead but Robin and I never gave up and we finally took the lead. In the end Maya got a really good last shot and scored 10 points at the end to win. It was a fun game.

After that Maya and I played as partners against Cassandra and Catherine. It is always so fun to play Cassandra as she is so competitive in everything she does and she is good at most things so if you can beat her at something it is always fun. It was a really good game and close but Maya and I won.

A couple came over and wanted to play us shuffle board. Now we met them a while back. They are really nice, I can’t remember her name but his was Guy, I am sure it is in one of my previous blogs. Well we played a game and had a fun time. Maya and I won but what made it so much fun was interaction with the other customers and being treated just the same. They really are two wonderful people.

Well now it was time to sing happy birthday to Lynn. Sunday is her birthday so we all gathered around her and sang to her. Guy and his wife also joined in with us. It is always so nice to celebrate a birthday in the group as it really reflects how close we have all become like one big happy family.

Well now it was time to make sure I got to talk to everyone. The night can go by so fast and with the size of the group you can miss people. We had a new girl there; she has gone out before but first time with our group. Her name is Kristy and she just joined our group. Misty and I were talking with her and getting to know her. She is really nice and we look forward to her coming out with the group more.

For once Cassandra was not the last to leave. It was about 12:45 when she was ready to leave; I guess my nap earlier helped. The rest of us stayed till about 1:45, I think there were still 7 of us there at that time. The last hour we just sat around and talked. Kitty, Jennifer, Barb, Misty, Robin and I were all talking and Kitty was telling us about her neighbors. When she moved into her new apartment she told them all upfront. She performs as Kitty and is really good so she goes out all the time so she was totally upfront.

Well as it was time to leave I went and paid my bill and by this time everyone was gone but Robin and me so we were the last 2 out. What a fun night. Hope everyone has a great week.


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