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Friday night at P-Club my 3rd night in a row out.

Well I made it out with my friends Friday night. This was my 3rd night in a row out as Susan and wow was I tired. Strange going out 3 nights in a row even though I really didn’t stay up much later than normal I seemed to be more tired, maybe it was just because it was a busy week. Any way I was trying to get ready and leave a little earlier than last week so I didn’t run into my neighbor and it turns out I was ready to leave about 10 minutes earlier so I didn’t run into her which was good, I must just try to leave a little earlier each week. The plus side was I got to the P-Club at 7:30 so had a few extra minutes out as Susan.

I was surprised as I thought I would be the first one there but Cassandra, Wilma and Teresa were already there so we really did have an early start. I joined them and Nicole one of the awesome bar staff brought me my drink without me even having to order it and when I did order food Turkey and cheese sandwich she already knew I wanted sourdough bread and tots with it, of course there are only 2 things I order there but it is cool she remembers as she does with all the girl. The people who work here really are awesome.

Well about 7:45 more of our group started to show up. We had one guy come over and turns out he is a T-girl (Katie) that met Cassandra a few years back. He doesn’t get out much but I think he said the hairdresser he goes to who helps him with makeup also does the Catherine’s hair who is a member of our group. She had told him about Catherine and then they ended up running into each other at the hairdresser and got talking and that is how he found out about the P-Club so he came to check it out. We talked with him for and he stayed for a few hours and played pool with the group. I think he is going to join and we will see her out more in the future.

Danielle also showed up, she is not a member of the group as she is only here for a few months. She is living full time right now and trying to figure out if she wants to go full time and transition or not. She had on a really cute skirt and top and she is very passable even her voice is pretty passable. I think she would transition without hesitation except she is a husband and father which are her biggest obstacle.

Wilma and I played partners in shuffle board again and of course we won, the table really needs to be cleaned and have new salt put on it as it was very inconsistent when you made shots which I guess did ad a lot of luck to the game last night. One shot I was going to knock off the other teams puck so I really pushed it hard or at least I thought I did but it only went about 3 feet and stopped. It didn’t even get across the center line, almost looked like someone just put out their hand and stopped it but it was still fun. Danielle and I played a game one on one which was different but fun too. I started off with a big lead but Danielle came back and made it a close game but I did manage to win.

Wilma brought her chess board and she played Jan a game, Jan is like me hasn’t played but a couple games in the last 15 years. She did pretty well but Wilma won so I sat in and played. It was a good game and we went a while before either of us took a piece. In the end Wilma won so she finished the night undefeated in chess.

Jamie also showed up with her wife Linda. Jamie has been out a few times over the last year and always nice to see her. I have met her wife once over a year ago. Her wife is so supportive of her and in a way they look alike. We were kidding them if Jamie had blonde hair they could be sisters.

We had about 15 there last night and the P-Club was pretty slow till about 10 and then they got busy. I think this was one of their busiest Friday nights which was really nice. It was also fun to people watch and interact with some of them.

As we were getting ready to leave to GG’s came over and started talking to us. They were very nice and we had a good time talking to them. We stayed till about 1:30 but it was a really fun night as it always is when I spend time with all my best friends.

This next week I will be out Friday with my friends of course but not sure I will make Starbuck’s as the only night I might have free would be Thursday and won’t know about that till Wednesday so I am glad I made it out so much this last week.


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