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Nice dinner out with friend

Well it turns out this week Susan will be out 3 days in a row and no trip to Starbuck’s. I really like my quiet time at Starbuck’s but it is nice to do something new or different sometimes. A while back Peggy joined me at Starbuck’s and we spent the evening just talking and one of the things we talked about was other things we could do, maybe smaller groups sometime. I had mentioned it would be nice to go out to dinner or maybe catch a movie or something like that, more of your everyday type things. Any way Peggy and I decided we should try to get together for dinner one evening so tonight was the night.

We decided on Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver at 6:30 which was very convenient for me but Peggy had to come through all the rush hour traffic from Portland. I took her a about an hour to get there where for me it was 15 minutes so I guess I got the better end of this dinner. Well I got there and the parking lot was completely full oh there were a couple spaces where people had pulled in on the line and took 2 spots so after circling the parking lot I saw Peggy standing out front. Seems she got lucky and found a spot. Anyway I stopped to tell her I was gone up the street to park so she got in and road with me around to the over flow parking lot. Now it was a nice evening so the walk back was nice.

Now as busy as the parking lot was inside was pretty empty seems everyone was out on their deck having dinner so we had no trouble getting a table. Now about a year and a half ago about 15 of our group came here for dinner before Christmas so Susan has been here before and we were treated well that night and nothing had changed. Our waiter was great. Always referred to us as Ladies of course Peggy is a GG but it was nice that he never gave me a funny look or treated me any different than anyone else. The food was great and it was a really fun evening.

It was nice to just sit and talk for a couple hours over dinner. I think I will try to do this more often. Friday night I will be out with the group at the P-Club so that will make 3 nights in a row. What a fun week.


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