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Finally made it out to the Boiler Room.

Well this week I finally made it to the Boiler Room. My group has been going there every other Wednesday for the last several months and it always sounded so fun but as I work early never made it out with them. This week I didn’t have to be to work as early on Thursday so I decided to go. I wasn’t sure how bad traffic would be going back into Portland so I left plenty of time and wouldn’t you know it there was no traffic. I got there by 6:30 and they don’t open till 7 but I did find a great parking spot almost right in front. About 6:45 Chris and Robyn showed up so I joined them for a drink at Fox & Hound which is also a nice place that I have been to before several time.

A little after 7 we walked back over to the Boiler Room and Cassandra, Wilma and Melissa were already there and yes everyone was surprised to see me out on a week night with the group. A few more from our group showed up, Julie, Robin & Michelle and I think one more.

The Boiler room is smaller than I thought especially when they get busy. We all ordered dinner and had a good time. Chris and Melissa both did Karaoke, Chris did 4 songs. They both did really good and I give them credit for getting up in front of everyone and singing, something I don’t think I could do.

Well about 9:45 the group started to head across the street to CC’s for pool and as I knew if I went in with them I would stay out way to late so this was a good time for me to leave. Always hard to say goodnight when you are out with your friends having a good time. It was a lot of fun and a break from my normal outing to Starbuck’s.

Just an update in my last blog I mentioned that as I left my neighbor was just getting home and I wondered if they saw me in the car. Well Monday I was outside when she got home and she asked me if I let someone else use my car Friday. I believe her words were “was someone else using your car Friday? I was going to wave at you but wasn’t sure that was you in the car”? Well all I could think was to say yes, I let a friend use my car. Not sure if she believed it but I know I will have to be more careful now as I don’t think I can get away with that excuse to many times.


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  1. Hi Susan

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what you think the impact would be if any of your neighbours knew about Susan. Do you get on with some better than others? Do you think any would be sympathetic? And how do you think it would go if they all knew?

    Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | July 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Well I tend to keep to myself so only know them casually, it is not like we do things together plus I have a very busy life so really don’t spend a lot of time at home. Between work, family, friends and being Susan I stay pretty busy. Honestly I don’t think things would change much but I am sure there would be talking around the neighborhood. Besides I like to believe none of them have seen me leave but as I go out at least twice a week for the last several years and probably 75% of the time I leave it is light out I would be willing to bet some have seen and maybe know and just don’t say anything. May never know for sure.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | July 15, 2011 | Reply

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