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Fantastic night at the P-Club

Well it was another fantastic Friday night at the P-Club. In my last post I had mentioned possible issues with the P-Club owner well I got to talk to a couple of our members and a couple of the staff and found out it pretty much is just rumor. The owner has not said he does not want us there although he is worried about the business the economy has affected him just like any other business. But it was nice to hear we are still welcome there. I just wanted to clear this up as I hate spreading rumors.

Well as I was ready to leave I did my normal look out the front window to see if anyone way out, my neighbors were gone so this would be easy. Went into the garage and got in car, put seat belt on and started it up. Opened the door and pulled out and turned on to my street to leave, how easy this was till I saw my neighbors car. She was just getting home and only two houses down driving right at me. There was nothing I could do at this point but keep going. I was driving right into the sun so I could not see very well but with the sun coming through my windshield it was like I was in a spot light. Low cut dress with my cleavage showing. Long blonde wig, long read nails on the steering wheel. And face all made up with bright red lipstick. I don’t talk to her that often but next time will be interesting what or if she says anything. I may never know if she saw and realized it was me unless she says something.

Well as it was nice out I chose to wear my little black dress. It is probably my favorite as it really shows my cleavage when I do it right and with my new suntan I got the other day it really works. Plus I knew Melissa had bought a new dress so I wanted to look my best. I got there right at 7:30 and I was the first one there so I got a table and sat down. Strange a couple years back I would have sat in the car and waited till I saw someone else go in now it does not matter.

I was only there for a few minutes when Michelle (a GG) I met several months ago there came over to talk to me, she is so nice and usually always stops and says hi when we are there. She told me how great I looked and we chatted a few minutes. She called the guy she was with over and introduced him to me. She said she wanted him to meet the hottest girl there wow what a compliment, I felt great and the night was off to a wonderful start. I failed to get any pictures last night but I have a picture of Michelle and me in a blog I wrote a while back.

Soon others started to show up, Cassandra, Melissa and Wilma were the first to show. Melissa (who is a GG) had on a really cute dress she had just bought and some 5″ heels again, reason I wore the dress I did. She looked great. I was teasing her that we were making her more of a girly girl hanging out with us.

Wilma was back in town and made it out with us. It has been maybe 3 months or so since she has been out so it was great to see her again and catch up on things you know a little girl talk. Of course we did this while we ate. Later on we played partners in shuffle board. In all we played 2 games and we won both. Wilma has not lost her touch at shuffle board.

Petra and Victoria also were there. Petra has been out a couple times over the last several months but it has been many months since I have seen Victoria. Victoria is Petra’s wife and she has her own transformation business for transgender people here in the Portland area. I have never used her service but know many who do and they all look great and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. If you are ever in the Portland area and want a makeover check her out at over the rainbow. They are both awesome people.

Julie was also out and I bet it has been almost a year since I have seen her. She doesn’t get out often and not usually on the weekend so this was an awesome treat. She is married and only gets out when her wife is away, wife has no idea. She is one of our groups little dancers as she loves to dance.

Later on another GG, Cindy who we met several months ago came over and sat with us for a while. She likes to dance and has been going to the P-Club for 18 years. She is another of the regulars that like us there and always stops and talks to us. We had a great time and she is so nice.

Wilma brought her chess board so I played a game against Jan. now I have only played a couple games in the last 15 years so very rusty and Jan has not played much either so it was a pretty even match. Victoria came over and thought it was great, not that I won but the fact you don’t see two blonde T-Girls playing chess (or a thinking game) in a bar very often. I was happy as I won, not bad for a blonde girl. The next game was against Wilma who plays a lot on her computer so I was out matched. I started off good and then made a bad move. Towards the end I was down to just my Queen, Bishop and some pawns and Wilma still had her Queen, both her Rooks, a bishop and a horse. I got lucky and managed to put her in check and then things just went my way. She had to keep moving to get out of check so she could not come after me and in the end I put her in check mate with just my Queen and bishop.

Well it was an awesome night again and I Think we were there till 2 am this week. Just a fun night out with the girls and so glad to hear that things are still cool with our group at the P-Club.


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