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Cozy little night at Starbuck’s

Well I made it out to Starbuck’s this week. Was not sure I would. Tonight I came the closest I have to being caught by my neighbor. I was ready to leave and looked out front and it was clear so I went to my garage and got in my car, started it up and opened the garage door to pull out and there out front was my neighbor. One of her friends had pulled up out front and she had gone out to talk to them. I panicked, she could not see me in the garage but whoever was in the car could. I knew it would look suspicious if I shut the garage door and I couldn’t just sit in my car so I got out and went back inside hoping they would just think I forgot something and at the angle they could not get a good look at me because of the car door. I only had to wait a few minutes for them to leave but then I had to walk back out to my car with the garage door open. This is going to be more of an issue with the sunny weather now.

Well this made me a little late to Starbuck’s. Now I have been coming to this Starbucks almost every week for about two years now and I must say this is a first. They are so busy tonight that every table and chair was taken accept for one of the big chairs in the front corner so that is where I am sitting with 3 other people right around me. I had to walk right between the others to get to the one open chair. So now I am sitting with my computer in my lap, not the most comfortable way to be on a computer. I have a man sitting to my right and his wife right across from me and then another man on my left, wow that is boy girl boy girl. The man on my right has already talked to me; he asked me what the time was. And then went on and told me he was waiting for his friend to come pick him up and that he was late. I have never seen it this busy. I also have no way to plug in my computer so my night may end early. I have it set on power save and it says I have one hour left on battery so it looks like I might go dead about 10 minutes before they close. I also shut down all extra programs to see if I can extend it a few more minutes.

I was looking through my closet tonight getting ready; wow I really need to go shopping for some more outfits, maybe even a few new dresses. I need to expand Susan’s options for dress. Plus it would be so much fun to do a shopping trip. I have gone shopping as Susan before and always had fun and never a problem. I don’t know why I don’t go shopping more. I know Melissa and Barb would both go with me, it could be a girls day shopping. I think a small group of us would be okay and not raise too much attention.

Wow still busy here at 8:15, a couple that usually comes in every night came in and was only here a few moments and then left as there are still no seats. Actually I am in one of the seats they usually sit in as they like the big cushy chairs up front. It is strange to see it this busy. The girls working tonight have been going nonstop all night even some of the tables out front are full which is where I almost had to sit but I would not have lasted long as it is about 65 out and a little windy and as I planned on being inside I did not bring a coat so I would have gotten cold and probably left by now.

Tomorrow night the group I belong to will once again be at the P-Club. It is always a fun night but I have heard from a couple of the girls the owner would like us to stop coming. He thinks we are affecting his business. Now this is just a rumor at this point as he has not said anything to the group so I feel till he does say something we should go on as we have and not worry about what may or may not happen in the future. Now they are just as busy most Friday nights as the first time we went there but what I think he is thinking is his business has picked up a little on the other night and not Fridays. Now I have talked to the workers there and they all love us (I think we are bigger tippers than the regular customers). They have told us they really don’t want us to leave. Now this rumor has been going around on and off for several months and so far that is all it is he has not come to any of us directly and said anything so we will just half to wait and see. I personally like it there and the customers I have met and the workers are all great and like us there. If there are customers who do not like us they have not said anything to our

Well I must go will blog again this weekend about the P-Club. Have a great week.



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