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Beautiful summer Friday night out with friends

Well Friday has been one of our nicest days yet this year right about 80 and not a cloud in the sky and the weekend is suppose to be the same. As normal it is a girl’s night out with my wonderful friends at the P-Club something I really look forward to all week long. I think it is really important to spend time with friends. Well as I said it was a beautiful day so I wanted to wear something summery which I really don’t have a lot in that category so I settled on my white skirt and black top, I think it is a really cool look for me and of course I wore my 4″ heels.

I got to the P-Club right at 7:30 and Cristine and Bobby were the only others there but it wasn’t long before others started to show up. Being such a nice day I wondered how many we would have. Well we had about 15 to 20 a little less than normal but still a good turnout especially when you look back a year or two and we were happy if we had 10 or more show up. Cassandra and Melissa showed up and Melissa had these awesome 5″heels (they had a 1″ platform) and they were really cute. Now she had told me she got as she put it big girl’s heels so I was looking forward to seeing them. She never wears heels and so I always tower over her so tonight I took my heels off for a while partly because my feet were sore, my heels are not made for standing all night and after a few hours on my feet they needed a rest but also I wanted to be flat footed and see how we stood. Well with her heels she was almost as tall as me and we almost looked eye to eye. For once I didn’t feel so tall. I think if I could change one thing physically about myself I would like to be 5’5″ give or take an inch tall, that way I could wear 4″heels and not look like a giant.

Now one of the girls in our group Roxy got laid off a while back and is going to beauty school and yesterday was one of her finals. She had to do a makeover on someone and Melissa volunteered. She spent almost 5 hours there getting a facial, eyebrow wax and makeover, how fun would that be. From what I heard Roxy got a really good grade and from what I saw she did a great job. Maybe I should have volunteered of course I hear her next test is on nails. That would be so awesome if I could only have beautiful nails all the time. I think Melissa is going to volunteer for this also, lucky girl.

Robin and I played Cassandra and Heather in Shuffle board, it was a good game and we had a fun time. Cassandra and Heather were the winners this time. Heather was on her game as every time she had last shot she would knock my point off and score for her team. Several times I would have 2 or 3 of mu pucks in scoring position and she would knock my closest to the end off and leave hers on the board for the point. I think she scored almost all their points. Later Robin and I played Melissa and Maya and it was another close game but this time Robin and I won.

Later o I went up to the bar to get another drink and there were 2 women (GG’s) there. They both told me how cute my outfit was and the one really liked my skirt which really made me feel good. I thanked them and we chatted for a couple minutes while I waited for my drink. I really think these brief encounters are awesome and help bridge the gap between people and show them there is no difference between us.

The rest of the night for me was spent chatting with the girls in the group. I always enjoy this and it is nice to learn a little more about each other. I got a good chance to talk to Jan and Lynn and one of Jan’s friends from online. I can’t remember her name but she came to town from the coast to check out over the rainbow transformations. Jan and her met online and she has never gone out dressed. She stopped by the P-Club in boy mode to meet Jan and the group. I think she is going to get a makeover at Victoria’s and maybe come out with the group soon.

Also got to talk with Sophia and her wife, I met them a while back and they are really nice couple. They don’t get out with the group that often so always nice when they do.

One of Heathers friends showed up also so I got to meet her can’t remember her name but she was very nice. We chatted briefly before it was time to leave.

Well I guess I have to include one picture. This is Melissa and me check out her awesome shoes. I guess I should have taken my shoes off before the picture so we could have been the same height.

Well when we left the club it was still nice out maybe 70 at 1 am how cool is that. To leave and not need a coat, maybe summer is finally hear. I think I may try to get some sun in this week and get a little color in my pale skin.

Any way I hope everyone has a happy and safe July 4th and a big thanks to all our service men and woman past, present and future.


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  1. You and Melissa look so cute!!!


    Comment by Jennifer | July 5, 2011 | Reply

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