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Awesome Friday night, 2 Birthday’s and close to 50 of our group showed up.

Well the day started off good as the weather was fantastic. Clear blue skies and about 75 degrees out and after all the cool rainy weather we were all ready for it. So as I was deciding what to wear and looking out at the sun it was an easy choice, my white skirt and purple top. Well I got to the P-club at 7:30 and Melissa was the only one there and she had 2 fabulous looking cakes and a bunch of balloons for the birthday girl.

I joined her and we talked and wondered how many would show up, now normally we have a few there between 7:30 and 8:30 and then the others start showing up but on this particular Friday night they started to show up by 7:45 and I bet by 8 we had 25 from our group there. Tonight I will refer to our group instead of T-Girls because this was also our GG night where we try to get as many wives, girlfriend, friends of the T-girls to come out and join us. Around 9:30 I tried to count how many we had there and as we were spread over the whole place it was hard but I counted 43 and I am sure I missed some plus a few more showed up later so I know we had at least 50 there at one point or another during the evening. It was great to see so many out as we wanted a big turn out as it was Peggy’s birthday hence the cake and balloons. Well as it turns out it was also Siobhan birthday so we got to celebrate two birthdays and yes their birthdays were Friday June 17.

We had several new people there. One was a new member of our group and one was just a T-girl who had heard we met at the P-Club on Friday nights and came out to join us, I hope she will join the group. Heather also brought her Sister Kristen. Heather is Melissa friend and has been coming out with us more and more, by the way Melissa, Heather and Kristen are all GG’s. You all rock for supporting us. We also had a few that have not been out for a while, Danielle who is in town for a few months, Mandie and Jamie who have not been out for a while and Nadine and Wendy, now Nadine and Wendy did come out a couple weeks ago but Wendy was in boy mode but tonight Wendy was there. It was so great to see and talk to them again.

Diane was in town, she is one of our members who lives in North Carolina now but still comes to Portland once a month for business and always comes out with the group so it was great to see her again. She and I played partners in shuffle board and we did awesome. We won four games in a row, in one of the games Diane scored 12 on one turn and the next game I scored 13 on one turn which is awesome as normally if you score 5 or 6 it is a great turn. Well after fourth game we took break so we were undefeated for the night.

Later on we got Peggy and Siobhan together and got some pictures of them as they were the birthday girls and the whole group sang happy birthday to them, nothing says party like 40+ T-girls all singing happy birthday you could hear us through the whole place. Then it was time to cut the cake. The cake was awesome, big thanks to Melissa for baking them. Now the good thing was with so many of us there the pieces were small so all us girls could have a small piece.

After wards we got all the GG’s together, now normally GG refers to genetic girl but in this case we also included genetic guys as we had 3 of our male admirers there. Now I am going to make my best guess at the name of all of them but again with so many I am sorry if I miss someone or worse get a name wrong but after all I am blonde. We had Peggy, Melissa, Heather, Kristen, Kate, Nadine, Darla, Penelope, Rita, Lynn, Bob, Dan & Jim. I know I missed someone as I think I counted 15 GG’s there. It is so great that they come out and not only support our group but actually enjoy coming out with us, how cool is that. They are all so awesome and we love them all.

There were 3 college girls who came to the P-Club last night. They had never been there before but stopped in. They spent most of the time they were there with our group, they thought we were great. They all really loved Diane as they were always with her. We even taught them how to play shuffle board and of course got some pictures. They were so awesome and we had a great time.

Later on as the night wound down and people started to leave I was finally able to sit as we had so many of our group there not everyone could sit if you wanted to stay with the group. This was nice as I got a chance to talk to Robin and Kate as they were at the same table, Kate is Robin’s wife and comes out with her every once in a while. Penelope also was by the table so we all just talked for a while and had a good time. Jamie came over and joined us also. Jamie and I talked about Diva Las Vegas and how much fun I had. I tried to talk her into going but she still has two more years of school so she can’t make it next year but maybe in a few years she can go. Of course once I sat down then I really started to get tired but was having too much fun to let a little sleepiness get in the way.

The whole night was so much fun and we were all sad to see it come to an end. Even Peggy stayed till after 1 am which is late for her but it was her birthday so why not stay and have fun. Well it was finally time to call it a night and we all wished Peggy a happy Birthday one last time and then we all headed home. What a super fun night

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