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Beautiful night at Starbucks

Well it has been such a busy week for me that this is the first chance I have had to get on my blog so this post will cover both Friday night and tonight. I did make it out last Friday with my friends but did not have any time to get on the computer and blog about. I had to be up early so I only planed on staying out till 11:30 so I could be home in bed by midnight; well we all know how well that worked out.

I got there at 7:30 and soon others started to show up. We had a good turn out as normal for a Friday night. Melissa showed up and brought her friend Heather and they are both so much fun. We played partners at shuffle board and Heather was my partner. The game was really close but in the end we lost to Melissa and her partner but it was such a fun time.

Later on as it was getting close to time for me to leave Cassandra and I decided to play a game of shuffle board against each other no partners. We were just getting ready to start when 2 guys came over and asked if they could play, their names were Neil and Guy. They were pretty cool and had no problems with playing against T-Girls even when we won the first game. We had just finished the first game when 2 GG’s came over; one was Neil’s wife and the other I think was Guy’s girlfriend, her name was Gina. Wow amazed I can remember their names. They were so nice and thought it was great we beat them at shuffle board. The second game was a lot closer and in the end they won on the last shot. It was a fun time.

After the game they thanked us for the game. Gina and I started talking and we must have talked for 20 minutes, mostly about our group and why we dress. She was totally cool with it though. Well after she left I checked the time and it was after 1 am, so much for my plan to be home early. I got to bed about 2 am and up at 6:30 so it was a really short night.

Well let’s move forward to Thursday night now. I am out at Starbuck’s and Melissa showed up which is always nice as it is so much more fun to have someone else with you. She is working on a blanket for her mom; yes she is knitting a blanket. It is a really nice time talking to her and watching her knit.

The day turned out really nice and sunny which is such a change and allowed me to wear some summer outfits, white Capri pants and a cute top. The only bad part is the Starbucks I go to faces the sun set so I either have the sun in my eyes or I sit the other way and then it shines on my computer and I can’t see the screen so I sit facing the sun plus that way I can also see the door and who comes in and goes out.

Tomorrow night Friday the group will be out again at the P-Club. We should have a good turn out as one of our members is having a birthday so we are doing a party for her. It is also our GG night where we try to get non transgender people there. It should be a great night. I will post again this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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