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Relaxing night at Starbucks

Well it has been another long and busy week and I was not even sure I would make it out. It seems the really busy weeks are the weeks I really need my time as Susan as it so relaxes me. It is strange as I have tried to explain this to people and for the most part those who do not dress have a hard time understanding this. Probably the biggest question I get is how I can be relaxed going out dressed as Susan. They all seem to think my feelings would be more excitement or fear not a calm relaxed feeling. Now I will admit then when I first started going out there was a lot of fear and excitement and it was such a rush. Now there are still time I feel these things too but there is something so calming about spending time as Susan. I really think it is the whole experience of being Susan from the doing my makeup, selecting my outfit and even when I get home and have to wash all traces of Susan away. I just really enjoy the whole experience.

Well as I said it has been a busy week and I didn’t get home till 6 pm so I was rushed which is something that takes a little away from the evening. I managed to get showered and ready in under an hour so I was at Starbucks by 7:10 which really amazed me, now I will admit that with the nice weather and bright sun shine I did go more natural with my makeup especially on my eyes so this saved a little time.

When I got to Starbucks they were not really busy which made it easy to get a table. Most of the customers are sitting outside at the tables and I really thought about sitting out there but the battery life for my computer is about an hour. It is an older computer and not the best so I really need to be able to plug it in. It would be so fun to sit outside in the sun shine. It really is quiet inside only 3 of us; everyone else is outside or getting drinks to go but still a good night out.

I have been able to catch up on all my e-mails and even been chatting with a couple friends on line. Not in a chat room just on yahoo and face book. I tried a chat room a few weeks back and this girl just couldn’t keep up. It was kind of funny as I had my web cam going and I think that attracts everyone because in wasn’t in the chat room 5 minutes and I had about 15 private chats going on plus the chat room. I just couldn’t keep up and what was worse I would start to answer one message when another would pop up and I would end up sending the reply to the wrong person. I have friends that can juggle multiple chats at once but not this girl.

I still have a couple really busy weeks ahead of me so Susan time will be so needed. I will be out tomorrow night with my friends as I try never to miss that and next week it looks like the only night I may be able to make Starbuck’s is Tuesday night. So at this point that is my plan.

I was checking the Diva Las Vegas web page and they are almost done taking pictures from this past year and then there are several weeks where those who attended can view and ask for any pictures they are in to be removed. I think they will post for everyone to see around the first of August. There really are some great pictures. If you have ever thought about going you should check out their web page and look at past years pictures. It really is an awesome time if you are looking for a fun vacation.

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