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Friday night with my Friends.

Well it has been such a busy week and I have put in some long hours I so needed a night out with girl friends. I have been looking forward to it all week and I think that is what kept me going through the week, having something fun and that I love to look forward too. I really think everyone needs something in their life that they love and can look forward to on a regular basis.

Well it turned out that this weekend is going to be our nicest as far as weather this year so far. High 70’s on Friday and 80 on Saturday and Sunday so for the first time this year I did not even think about wearing something that would keep me warm and taking a coat. I was ready to leave for the P-Club by 7 so I was going to be early which is okay as I am to the point I really don’t care if I am the first one there or not, any way I checked my cell phone and Cassandra had sent me a text that her and Melissa had got out early and would be to the P-Club by 7 so suddenly I felt like I was running late even though I wasn’t. I was out the door and luckily none of my neighbors were home so I was able to leave with no problems. Nice days are always tough because everyone wants to be outside. It only takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get to the P-Club which is nice.

Cassandra and Melissa were already there and were having dinner so as I was hungry I also got something to eat and joined them. The three of us sat and talked while we ate. It was a really nice time and they really do have good food even though I order the same thing most times; well actually there are 2 items I will order. They are things I can eat without messing up my lipstick to bad and I can eat ladylike. They do have some hot wings that look and smell so good, Chris orders them when he joins us there but they are so messy Susan could never have them; maybe I should go one night as my male self so I could eat the wings. No that would never work as I am not willing to give up a night out as Susan for hot wings as I can always get hot wings on a non Susan night.

Well it was just the 3 of us till about 8 pm when others finally started to show up. Siobhan made it again this week so of course we had to get more pictures and for the first time this year the weather was sunny and warm so we went out front of the P-Club and took some picture. Well turns out after only a hand full of pictures my batteries went dead, I was sure I had more in my purse but it turns out I did not so I only got a few. It is strange how much different pictures look when you can take them outside in natural light. I think the pictures came out good I just need to learn to pose better; I still think I look stiff when I am in a picture by myself.

We had a really good turnout again about 25 of our group was there. Even Wendy (in guy mode) and Nadine showed up. They have not been out with the group in almost a year or more so it was so and such a surprise to see them. They are so awesome and always fun so I really enjoyed talking with them again. I think they are planning on coming out with the group in 2 weeks for Peggy’s birthday party.

Again our group was most of the business at the P-club till later. For a while if we had not been there, there would have only been 3 people there. I talked to Nicole the bar tender about this and she said it was because it was so nice that people were out enjoying the weather. I think she was right because by 11 or so people started to show up and they got busy.

Melissa and I played shuffle board against Barb and Amy. It was a good close game and either team could have won but in the end Melissa and I scored to win. Some of our group played pool and danced and even Cassandra and Wendy played ping pong. The P-club really is a nice place to go as they have so much to do and the staff there is just awesome. If you live in Portland or are just visiting and want a fun place to go you should check them out. They are located at 5262 N. Lombard.

Well it was a great night and we all had so much fun but as always the night came to an end. It was about 1:45 when we left. It was still nice outside. Well I hope to get out again this week to Starbuck but at this point I can’t say for sure, but if I do it will be Wednesday or Thursday night as this week will be just as busy as last week. Take care and thanks for reading.


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  1. Susan looks amazing!

    Comment by Willow Finishing Course | June 4, 2011 | Reply

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