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Midweek outing as Susan

Well it is a busy week for me again but I found time to get out Tuesday to Starbucks. I really think the busier I am the more I want and need to have time out as Susan. It really does relax me even if I only get out for a couple hours. Any way I try to be ready to leave my house by 6:45 as it takes about 15 minutes to get to the Starbucks I go to but I was ahead of schedule and was all ready by 6:30 so I was going to be out earlier at least I thought. I always look out my front window just before I leave to make sure it is clear and wouldn’t you know it my neighbor got home just as I was ready to leave so I had to wait for her to go inside. Well the neighbors have kids and so they don’t smoke in the house so they stood out front by the end of the drive smoking so I had to wait. 20 minutes later they finally were done and went inside so I could leave. I know as the weather gets better this will happen more and it will become harder to get out.

I got to Starbucks a little after 7 and there were so many cars there I had to park at the end of the building so I figured they would be really busy inside, they were busy but there were still tables to sit at. Melissa met me there she actually walked in right behind me. I so enjoy my time at Starbuck playing on my computer but it really is a lot nicer to have someone else there with you. Turns out Melissa and I just talked for the whole time and I really did very little on my computer. It was a fun night.

Well my next night out will be Friday again with my friends at the P-Club. Always an awesome time so I will post again this weekend.


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