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Friday night with friends at P-Club.

Well I have been looking forward to Friday night with my friends all week as I had to miss last week because of work so I was ready and out the door a little early. I got to the P-Club about 7:20 and was the first one there. I was only there about 10 minutes by myself before others started to show up. The first were Sophia and her wife Lorna. Sophia joined the group a couple weeks back and last Friday was her first time out with the group but of course I was not there so didn’t get to meet here. The three of us sat and talked and got to know each other. They are really nice and Lorna is totally excepting of Sophia which is awesome.

I ordered dinner as I was hungry and they really do have good food there. I ordered the chicken strips which I like. Jan was giving me a hard time about the fried food and not being good for you. So I explained to here why I chose that. As a guy my main reason I choose the food I do is because I like something and although Susan does the same but there is one little added decision that really dictates what I order. Can I eat it without messing up my lipstick to bad. So when I order I only look at things I can eat with grace and not mess up my lipstick, the and only then do I look for what I like. Susan has priorities. Everyone thought that was funny. The best part is when Jan’s order came it was a hamburger and fries so she also didn’t pick the most healthy items either.

Siobhan showed up. She is one of my friends but she has not been able to get out for over a year so it was so great to see here again. She will be able to get out a couple more times the she will be out of town do to her work for several months so it was great to see her again and talk with her. She is even more of a photo girl then I am so of course we had to get pictures. She is so photogenic and always dresses and looks perfect. She always wears these cute high heels with the thinnest spiked heel I have ever seen, she loves shoes and I would bet she has more than most GG’s do. The ones she had on were 5″ heels .I have some 4″ heel I love but I don’t think I could do the 5″ but maybe someday I will have to try. I have included a picture of her you can see all her pictures on her Facebook page. Everyone was happy to see her again and she got to meet some of the newer members. I had really hoped she would get to meet Jennifer as she is so much fun but Jennifer was unable to make it.

Some of the girls played pool and shuffle board and even a few danced. I was so busy socializing and chatting with people I didn’t play one game of shuffle board. I can’t remember the last time I was there and didn’t play at least one game of pool or shuffle board. I still had a great time just chatting. Well as I said I got lots of pictures last and went through them and some were really good so I also have to post one of me, my blog so my picture. I got 8 pictures with me in them, 7 just me and one with Rita and me and what I noticed is that although I look good in all of them when it is just myself in the picture I tend to look a little stiff but when there is someone else I tend to look more relaxed and not sure why. Not sure if it is just me thinking this and being too critical or what. So I guess I will put 2 more pictures the one I like the best with Rita and me and then the next best with just me.

Well as it got later a few more girls showed up including another new girl, her name was Danielle . She is up here in Portland for a couple months. She had gone to Esprit and then came to Portland. She looks so natural looking I really don’t think anyone could tell. I got a chance to talk with her for awhile and she is so nice. I hope she comes out again with the group while she is in town. In all it was a great evening with friends.

As it was getting late and close to closing time one of the customers, a GG came over and talked to me, well stared right at me and told me how pretty I was. It really caught me off guard as she was just staring right at me. I felt like I was under a microscope so I felt a little uneasy and don’t know why. After a couple minutes she went back over to the guy she was with and they left. Cassandra and Robin both looked at me and told me she really liked me. Now I know she had been drinking so not sure if it was the alcohol or not but she was gone so there wasn’t anything I could do. Anyway about 10 minutes later she came back by, I didn’t even see her come back in but she stopped again, she took my hand and told me how pretty I was again and then she left but in my hand was a piece of paper with a phone number on it, no name though. How good does that make s girl feel.

Well it was late and we all paid our bill and then we left. I think there were still 8 of us there at that time. What a fun night we all had.

Well Saturday Susan has a BBQ to go to. Still not sure what to wear as it looks like it will be cool and wet. I will post again tomorrow about the BBQ.

Have a great week.


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  1. Great site Susan!! Wonderful chatting with you on FB today!

    Comment by Sherry James | June 3, 2011 | Reply

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